Burma Peoples Protests

BURMA: State, not citizens, the cause of fear & alarm

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE  AS-268-2007 November 16, 2007 A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission BURMA: State, not citizens, the cause of fear & alarm As Burma’s military regime sets about concocting court cases against those whom it has labelled as the ringleaders of protests around the country in August and September, it is increasingly […]

BURMA: A country not in accordance with law–the case of Naw Ohn Hla

According to a report in the New Light of Myanmar of 9 November 2007 on the latest visit of the United Nations special envoy to Burma, Ibrahim Gambari, “During August and September when the nation saw protest marches, the government had to tackle in accordance with the law the incidents in which some people violated […]

BURMA: Stop the repression of peaceful dissent in Burma

Your Excellency, As religious groups, academics, media, civil society, political groups and individuals in Sri Lanka, we express our fullest support towards the peaceful protests initiated in your country by Buddhist Monks and ordinary citizens on economic burdens heaped on them, restrictions on democratic freedoms, and repression of independent media including blockage of internet and […]

ASIA: Filipino priest shaves head in solidarity with Burma monks; protests continue across region

(Hong Kong, October 4, 2007) A Filipino priest in Hong Kong found a new way to observe a Catholic holy day on Thursday by having his head shaved to show solidarity with Burma’s Buddhist monks. Fr. Robert Reyes had his head shaved outside the legislative assembly in the city centre to mark the feast for […]

BURMA: Bloggers declare international day for Burma

(Hong Kong, October 3, 2007) A group of bloggers has declared an international day calling for peaceful political change in Burma. The Free Burma! bloggers group has proposed the International Bloggers’ Day for Burma on October 4 to “show our sympathy for these people [in Burma] who are fighting their cruel regime without weapons”, according […]

UPDATE (Burma): Protests continue despite heavy security; more people and monks taken away; townsfolk defend monasteries with slingshots

Dear friends, As the dramatic events in Burma of the last few days are being reported throughout the entire world, in this latest update the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), gives additional information not being widely covered in the mainstream media, as follows: – Protests have continued in Rangoon, Mandalay and other towns  – Killings […]

BURMA: “Detained” must be treated as disappeared until located, identified

As of yesterday, at least 700 monks and 500 other citizens have been taken away by security forces in every part of the country. They include prominent persons, such as comedian Par Par Lay in Mandalay, and staunch human rights defenders such as lawyer U Aye Myint in Pegu. They also include many members of […]

ASIA: Protests continue against Burma junta in Hong Kong, region

(Hong Kong, September 29, 2007) Protests against the military junta in Burma over its suppression of pro-democracy protestors and monks in recent days continued in Hong Kong and other parts of Asia on Friday and Saturday. On Friday night, around 300 persons gathered outside the Legislative Council building in the heart of Hong Kong for […]

WORLD: Junta may move money out of Burma, AHRC director warns

(Hong Kong, September 29, 2007) Members of Burma’s junta may try to move vast sums of capital out of the country, pushing the country deeper into crisis, the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) director warned on Saturday. “There is a serious risk the generals may try to move much of their ill-gotten wealth abroad,” the […]

ASIA: Open Letter to the heads of Governments of ASEAN, China and India

We, the undersigned Members of Parliament, respectfully urge you and the governments that you lead, to work together in full cooperation to strongly encourage the Myanmar government to deliver genuine political and economical reforms. We are extremely concerned that the Myanmar authorities’ 7-point roadmap is causing more problems for the people of Myanmar and the […]

ASIA: Response from the Christian Clergy in Sri Lanka to the Events in Myanmar

As a friend and as one who has visited your great country, and conscious of the historical and cultural links between Myanmar and Sri Lanka, I am immensely saddened to learn of the recent events in Myanmar. As a religious leader, I have to add my voice to the many protests that are being made […]

ASIA: Burma’s people determined confront the dictators; set an example for their neighbours

On the morning of 27 September 2007 people around the world were wondering if the protestors in Burma would back down in the face of heavy force that is believed to have left five monks and one civilian dead on the previous day, two monasteries looted and hundreds arrested. They did not. Throughout the day, […]

BURMA/MYANMAR: Singaporean citizens also at risk from indiscriminate shooting and killing by Myanmar security forces

The Asian Human Rights Commission has obtained an account of how a Singaporean citizen, living and working in Burma, was arbitrarily fired upon by Myanmar soldiers even though he and his wife were not involved in any demonstration and in fact, were not anywhere near a demonstration in Yangon on September 27, 2007. The following […]

ASIA: Protestors across Asia demand action on Burma; more rallies planned

(Hong Kong, September 27, 2007) Protests demanding global action over the crackdown on peaceful protestors in Burma were held in Hong Kong, Korea and Thailand on Thursday, and in the Philippines on Wednesday. In Hong Kong, around 30 demonstrators squeezed into the lobby of the Burmese consulate, which was locked and in darkness. The protestors […]

BURMA: Challenge to the Burmese military junta: Dialogue with the people or face downfall!

Dear friends in the solidarity movement, Today, about 200,000 people rallied the streets in Burma (in Rangoon and different cities). The Buddhist monks are leading the pro-democracy rallies, defying military junta’s order for them to stay away from the street rallies or face legal action by the Ministry of Religious Affairs. With the escalation of […]

BURMA: Lawyers, monks determined to defy “forced politics”

BURMA: Lawyers, monks determined to defy “forced politics” (Hong Kong, September 26, 2007) Lawyers in Burma on Tuesday established a new union to introduce “genuine politics” to the country and defy what they called the regime’s “forced politics” as protests continued for a tenth day despite harsh warnings in the media and through loudspeakers on […]

MYANMAR/BURMA: Myanmar’s neighbours would benefit from its political transformation

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is writing to you concerning the dramatic and rapidly worsening events in Myanmar of the last few weeks, about which you are fully aware. Many persons around the world maintain that Myanmar’s neighbours are largely responsible for the propping up of its military dictatorship, which but for the Association […]

UPDATE (Burma): Riot police shoot, beat, gas protestors in Rangoon; rallies continue

Dear friends, As has been reported throughout the world, riot police began violently attacking protestors in Rangoon today after they refused to obey instructions to not again take to the streets to call for an end to military rule there (UP-125-2007). Meanwhile, protests have also continued in other parts of the country. Here we give […]

WORLD: URGENT WARNING– Bloodshed imminent in Burma

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information direct from Rangoon to confirm reports that this morning, 25 September 2007, government vehicles manned by the personnel of township councils, quasi-government officials, government-organised thugs, police and others have since around 10am been patrolling the streets warning that there are to be no further protests or […]

UPDATE (Burma): Thousands of monks and protestors in Rangoon defy threats from regime

Dear friends, Threats from the military regime in Burma have failed to get thousands of protestors of the streets again today, 25 September 2007. Here the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) gives the latest information and some on events of recent days. Please do everything you can to support the courageous struggle of Burma’s people […]