PAKISTAN: Casualties of violence remained as high as 572 died and 642 were injured during the month of July

During the month of July, casualties of violence remained as high as 1214 (deaths 572 and injuries 642). Some new trends in military operations and drone attacks also surfaced. Acts of violence kept demoralizing the population at large, and humiliating the state security apparatus (Dera Ismail Khan jail break or attack on the ISI office in Sukkur, Sindh). Highly noticeable was the combination of security operation and the drone attacks as both of them followed each other in most of the times and inflicted serious blow to the militants.  Contrary to the dithering political leadership, the militant organizations demonstrated their determination, close coordination, and complete consensus as far as their objective was concerned – to prick the state and its interests at will. (

Amidst the unending reports of killings, destruction, and miseries one good  news  for this month was of Malala Yousufzai’s address at the UN Assembly on 11 July 2013 wherein the young girl from the militancy-hit Swat urged the world community to “take up “the weapon of knowledge” in their campaign for access to education for all children around the world.”  It was the day when Pakistan appeared on the world screen with a face that is quite contrary to the dreaded images of bearded and truboned religious radical militants who are  on a killing-spree across Pakistan. Ms Yousafzai’s appearance at the UN raised  new hopes and aroused global sympathies for tens of thousands of Pakistani children, particularly those whose schools were blown up by militants claiming to be the true followers of Islam. But these moments of pride and happiness flowing from Malala’s address to the United Nations were shortlived; , Taliban responded in the same belligerent way and reiterated their resolve to target Malala Yousufzai ever returned to Pakistan[1].  No voice of protest or condemnation came from any corner and the writ of extremism remained supreme in the country.

During the month of July, there was no let up in violent extremism, intolerance and lawlessness. The casualties of violence during July also remained as high as 1214 (deaths 572 and injuries 642). Some new trends in military operations and drone attacks also surfaced. Also, an inconspicuous nexus among  different banned outfits also emerged as a sign of  new realignments for hitting the state and its interests.

Sporadic cases of people’s resistance to violence and terrorism were also reported from some areas, though a large number of Peace Lashkar members in tribal areas lost their lives to what we could presume target killings. In some cases complicity of some rogue elements in the law enforcement forces – inside informants – was also discernible, explained through several hostile exchanges between law enforcing agencies and militants/criminals, at times  resulting in shameful retreats by state forces such as the daring jail break in Dera Ismail Khan, a southern district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa,  on July 30,  raised serious questions about the preparedness of our security forces.

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