SAUDI ARABIA/SRI LANKA: Sri Lankan maid may be spared Saudi beheading 

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Asian Human Rights Commission
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An article from Radio Australia forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission

Updated December 27, 2011 21:29:04

A Sri Lankan teenager who was sentenced to death in Saudi Arabia may escape beheading due to the attention her case attracted.

Rizana Nafeek was 17 years old when she was accused by the Saudi family we worked for of killing their baby, which choked while she was feeding it.

She was found guilty and was to be beheaded, but human rights groups criticised problems with the case, and funds were raised to hire lawyers to defend her.

The Asian Human Rights Commission in Hong Kong, says many Asian governments depend on remittances and don’t want to risk offending countries which employ their nationals.

The Commission’s director, Basil Fernando, says Rizana Nafeek’s case highlights the sort of things that can go wrong for poor migrant workers from Asia.

Presenter: Bruce Hill
Speaker: Asian Human Rights Commission Director, Basil Fernando

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