MYANMAR/BURMA: Perpetrators of International Crimes Must Face Punishment

An Oral Statement to the 48th Regular Session of the UN Human Rights Council from the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC)

Madam President:

The Asian Legal Resource Centre appreciates the continued efforts being made by the Independent Investigative Mechanism for Myanmar since the establishment of the mandate.

The Mechanism continues its mandated tasks of collection of evidence, storing them in secured digitalised locations, analysing and sharing with relevant multilateral entities, as the report suggests.

This Council and the international human rights community is well aware of the fact that genocidal crimes and crimes under international law are not over yet. The same pattern of crimes that were committed against the Rohingya Muslims and other ethnic communities are being committed against the rest of the population regardless of their ethnicities.

We need to acknowledge that the years of ineffective and inadequate actions empowered the perpetrators to commit crimes almost unstoppably. Prolonged delay in holding the perpetrators accountable may lead to further deterioration of the situations concerned. There needs to be fast track legal recourse for the millions of survivors who await justice.

The ALRC encourages the international community to overwhelmingly support the mandate’s work so that the ongoing violence in Myanmar is ended and justice afforded to the survivors.

Thank you, Madam President.

UN Web TV Video Link: (For watching the Statement at the UN Web TV, please click the video link at 00:47:25 to find Asian Legal Resource Centre)