PAKISTAN: An entire Ahmadi family was targeted in sectarian killings 

Mr. Bashir Ahmad Kiyani (70), was murdered as a result of religious hatred in Karachi. He was shot dead while on his way to Friday Prayer Services at the nearby Mosque in Korangi, Karachi. In the last three months both Mr. Kiyani’s son and son-in-law were also killed by Muslim fundamentalists. According to the details known, Mr. Bashir Ahmad Kiyani and an Ahmadi child was going to the Ahmadiyya worship place “Baitul Hamd” when unknown assailants opened fire at both of them. Mr. Kiyani received one bullet in the temple and two in the chest while the child was struck in the leg. They were immediately shifted to the nearest hospital where Mr. Kiyani succumbed to the injuries; the child’s condition is stable. Mr. Kiyani is survived by his widow and five children. His body was brought to Rabwah where a great number of citizens attended funeral prayers.

Mr. Kiyani had a good reputation in the locality and had no personal vendetta with anyone. He was killed purely and simply for his faith as an Ahmadi. It is worth noting that Mr. Kiyani’s son in law Mr. Zahur Ahmad Kiyani and his son, Mr. Ijaz Ahmad Kiyani were also killed on August 21 and September 18 for their Ahmadiyya faith.

The killing of three members of the same family in the same locality is evidence that an organized group is target-killing Ahmadis.

In Pakistan, at every level including the media and at official levels, decrees against Ahmadis are being issued as Wajibul Qatl (must be killed). A non-government organization (NGO) Khatme Nabuwwat, is dictating terms to the state and is notorious for issuing decrees against the Ahmadis and even other sects. The indifferent attitude of the state and the government towards the killings of Ahmadis is creating extremism in the name of religion and conspicuously spreading hatred in different religious sections of the society.

The Asian Human Rights Commission urges government of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif to initiate an inquiry into the brutal killings of this father, his son and son-in-law on the pretext of following a particular religion.  The target killing of Ahmadis is accelerating and in recent months several professionals have been murdered ruthlessly.

The Government of Pakistan is totally numb to these atrocities and the local police authorities even refuse to register FIRs of such murders.

At a time when the world and all the international organisations are seriously and soberly promoting freedom of religion and faith, the Pakistan Government seems to be intent upon destroying all fundamental freedoms and depriving Ahmadis the rights to pursue and practice their faith and belief.

The Government of Pakistan must act now to stop religious hate mongering in the country and apply sanctions to the liberty of Mullahs bent upon destroying the little that is left of law and order in the country.

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Document ID : AHRC-STM-198-2013
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