NEPAL: Ganga Maya seeks update on red corner notice issued against Rudra Acharya

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to inform you that Ganga Maya Adhikari, wife of late Nanda Prasad Adhikari, has filed a Right to Information (RTI) application. Ganga Maya, who has resumed her hunger strike in Bir Hospital, seeking justice for the murder of her son Krishna Prasad Adhikari who was allegedly murdered by the Maoists in 2004, has requested information concerning Rudra Acharya.

The application seeks an update on the red corner notice issued against Rudra Acharya, who has been living in the United Kingdom. Rudra Acharya is alleged to be the shooter who killed Krishna. The RTI application was registered on 15 June 2015, at the Nepal Police Headquarters, Kathmandu. The original application in Nepali, bearing registration number 3968, is accessible here. Below is the same application, translated by the Advocacy Forum.

Date: 15 June 2015

The Information Officer,
Police Headquarters,
Naxal, Kathmandu

Subject: Request for Providing Information

Respected Sir,

I, the applicant, am present with this application and the required fee attached herewith.

On 2061/02/24, Chhabi Lal Poudel, Bhimsen Poudel and others apparently killed my youngest son Krishna Prasad Adhikari, a resident of Fujel VDC-8 Gorkha, in Bakulahar Chowk, Ratnanagar Municipality Chitwan District. My husband Nanda Prasad Adhikari and elder son Nur Prasad Adhikari filed a First Information Report (FIR) at the District Police Office Chitwan. However, no legal action was taken for several years. Due to our (I and my husband’s) enormous struggle and constant pressure from national and international level, the government finally forwarded the case. Later, defendant Parshuram Poudel, along with other defendants, was released on the due date; therefore, my husband and I began a hunger strike unto death. My husband died during the strike and my elder son Nur Prasad Adhikari fell out of contact because of Maoist’s threat. Similarly, Chitwan District Court released the principle perpetrator Chhabilal Poudel on the due date. Hence, I have decided to continue the hunger strike, creating pressure for getting justice.

During the investigation, it was reported that Rudra Acharya, one of the perpetrators who gunned down my son, is at large in the United Kingdom. Furthermore, it came to my knowledge that INTERPOL Department of Nepal Police has issued a red corner notice against him and his detail was made public in Nepal Police website. Therefore, I request you to provide the information about the progress made on the red corner notice issued in his name, reason for not been able to arrest him till date, and reason behind the delay by Nepal Police to extradite him to Nepal.

I have submitted this application according to the Interim Constitution of Nepal 2063, Article 27 and Right to Information Act 2064, Section 3 and 7.

Currently, I am on hunger strike in Nepal at Trauma Center, Bir Hospital, Kathmandu. I am unable to present myself due to poor health to register this application therefore, Mr. Bikash Basnet, on my behalf, is present with this application for seeking the abovementioned information, wherein his identity card is attached herewith. Hence, I request you to provide the information, at earliest, via Mr. Bikash Basnet, and guarantee my constitutional right, i.e. right to information.


Ganga Maya Adhikari
Fujel-8 Gorkha
Currently at Nepal Trauma Center, Bir Hospital, Kathmandu

Document Type : Statement
Document ID : AHRC-STM-087-2015
Countries : Nepal,
Issues : Administration of justice, Caste-based discrimination, Impunity, Inhuman & degrading treatment,