WORLD: Tailor-Make Judgments with Judgment Generator

RULE O’FLAW is a satire program with a difference. We believe in offering solutions.

So, keeping in mind all the judges all over Asia who have such a difficult task writing judgments in line with the wishes of the Executive, while still having to appear independent and judicious, we offer the Automatic Judgment Generator, an all in one machine.

This is a public-minded initiative, which might be an efficient way for judges to fix their judgments as per their unique needs. We have strong indications that judges in Bangladesh, where judgments are well supported by ghostwriters and the Executive, can benefit.

This fourth video of the Asian Human Rights Commission’s new satire program, in the form of an advertisement continues the efforts to transform justice institutions in Asia.

The latest video follows in the wake of our earlier releases, ‘Case Cracked’, ‘Bail Out’, and ‘Run for your Life’, which have found an audience around the region and beyond.

Come be a part of this movement to radically transform Asian justice institutions.

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