WORLD: Brand new satire program launches this Friday

Engaging daily with the misery manufactured by Asia’s dysfunctional justice institutions was bound to result in something truly creative some day. This creativity has sprung forth in the form of biting satire and humor. And, that day is the day after, none other than this Friday.

It is the pleasure of the Asian Human Rights Commission to announce the premiere of AHRC’s brand new satire program, RULE O’FLAW. The first video of RULE O’FLAW, titled “Case Cracked” will release this Friday, 9 September 2016, on the dedicated RULE O’FLAW Facebook page.

This video is set to open up a new way to speak about the unjust institutions in Asia, and connect new audiences to the movement that will ultimately transform these institutions into those capable of upholding human rights and human dignity.

Living in lands governed by institutional insanity needs its share laughter amidst tears and dedicated groundwork. But, this humour is not the kind that seeks to wash pain away and shy away from what is uncomfortable to us.

A transformation of institutions drowning in insanity is inevitable if we are first able to drop our pretenses and look at our predicament, and ourselves, un-blinkered. Once we are able to see and accept our reality the way it is, it is only natural that we will change our unjust institutions from their very foundations.

RULE O’FLAW, through short creative fictional videos, seeks to show reality in Asia the way it is. Join us on Friday as we open a new chapter in articulating the problems that confront us, with the ultimate objective of spreading maximum wellbeing to one and all.

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