INDONESIA: Statement of the National Commission on Human Rights on the Death of the Member of Islamic Defender Front (FPI)

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to inform you about a statement of the Indonesia National Commission on Human Rights (Komnasnas HAM RI) on the allegation of extrajudicial killing of the members of the Islamic Defenders Front (FPI). The statement is based upon the fact-finding report of the Commission.

Statement English Version available here and bahasa version available here

In response to the death of 6 (six) FPI Warriors (Islamic Defender Front) that took place at the Jakarta Cikampek Toll Road and parts of Karawang, the National Human Rights Commission of the Republic of Indonesia (Komnas HAM), has formed an Investigative Team to investigate the case in accordance with the mandate of Komnas HAM Article 89, Law Number 39 of 1999 concerning Human Rights, since 07 December 2020.

The Commission has issued recommendation based upon its fact-finding report as follow:

1. The death of 4 (four) FPI Warrior members (Islamic Defenders Front/FPI) is a category of human rights violations. Therefore, Komnas HAM recommends that this case be continued to law enforcement with a criminal court mechanism in order to obtain more complete material truth and uphold justice.

2. Investigate and enforce the law against the people in the two black (cars) Avanza B 1739 PWQ and Silver Avanza B 1278 KJD cars.

3. To further investigate the possession of firearms allegedly used by FPI Warrior.

4. Request a law enforcement process, which is accountable, objective and transparent in accordance with human rights standards.

Document Type : Announcement
Document ID : AHRC-ANM-003-2021
Countries : Indonesia,
Issues : Administration of justice, Death penalty, Democracy,