A video presentation produced by the Asian Human Rights Commission

The Asian Human Rights Commission will launch the first issue of a weekly roundup of human rights issues on October 14, 2013. This weekly roundup will be in the form of a video presentation which will attempt to highlight the most prominent human rights issues in the Asian region. Major stories of people fighting for the improvement of human rights, both in the civil and political rights sphere as well as economic, social and cultural rights will be covered in these weekly roundups. The AHRC hopes that this coverage will help to improve the conversation on human rights issues in the region and will also assist in developing greater solidarity in order to fight for the improvement of rights.

Everyone is encouraged to contact the AHRC and send any stories they think should receive greater attention. These can be sent to the AHRC at ahrc@ahrc.asia

In its first roundup this programme will cover three major stories.

  • The increasing authoritarianism in Sri Lanka — this will cover the recent visit of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights, Dr. Navi Pillay and attempt to explain and comment that Sri Lanka is drifting increasingly towards authoritarianism.
  • Torture in Indonesia will be covered through the story of one of the incidents of torture which has occurred recently.
  • Corruption in India is the feature story for this first roundup.

Kindly see a trailer regarding this AHRC venture here.

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The AHRC is not responsible for the views shared in this video, which do not necessarily reflect its own.