Contributors: Anwar Ul Haque

August 6, 2014

An article by Anwar Ul Haque, published by the Asian Human Rights Commission

In last 29 days the world has witnessed unprecedented violation of sanctity of Medical Institutions by Israel in Gaza! Several hundred innocent children and as much unarmed civilian women were brutally killed by unmanned drones, distant tank attacks and fire from ships! Daylight murders and massacres were carried out without any regret and shame! Their arrogance, racism and stiff necks can be seen and felt! No shame, no regret, no remorse!  The killers and murderers displayed remarkable cowardice! They didn’t dare to come in close contacts with armed defensive personnel! The citizens of Gaza had no aerial protection like iron dome of Israel; neither they had Air Force, navy, or proper military! The entire saga was one sided! The pretext that 3 Israelis were murdered by Hamas turned out to be false; confirming that all this was per planned for the Muslim holy month of Ramadan and partly during World Football Match! It’s interesting that Israel has right of self defense but not the Gazans and Palestinians in general!

Apart from this acute State Terrorism of worst kind, there had been chronic State Terrorism in the form of siege, daily abuses, bullies, arrests and torture! Then apart from this war crime terrorism, these forces use a variety of terrorism including Economic Terrorism, Media Terrorism, Drug Terrorism and Vulgarity terrorism, wars, crimes and mafias culminating into chronic destruction of humanity at large!

Our particular concern is about serious and blatant violation of medical institutes! Over 17 hospitals were attacked killing injured & sick patients, health care workers and attendants!The ambulances were particularly targeted and destroyed! Due to almost complete blockade and siege of Gaza medicines were difficult to obtain! Lllll

of the countries particularly the Western countries and India remained silent! USA sent additional military aid to Israel quickly so that the genocide of Palestinians and war crimes can continue without abating!

Homes, schools, universities, UN shelters, children parks, hustling bustling roads, bazaars, shops, power houses all were deliberately and pin pointedly targeted killing about 1900 innocent human beings and seriously injuring over 7000! All medical ethics & morality were buried by single eye Zionist terrorists! It’s interesting how the Zionist controlled countries and organization label victims of terrorism as terrorists! And how genuine terrorists are portrayed as oppressed and suppressed! With the help of equally criminal media facts are concealed, videos are fabricated! Common people are made extremely busy & hands to mouth; to have little time to think and ponder & just absorb whatever lies and fabrications are churned out by the Zionist controlled media!

United Nations, so called human rights, woman rights and Child Rights organisations remained almost totally silent! Similarly Medical Organizations and Associations remained totally deaf, dumb and blind! Not a single word against this gross violation of sanctity of medical institutions, patients, healthcare workers except very few voices! These with hearts harder than stones have proven themselves Lowest of the Low! No beast on earth can go so low! This is particularly painful when we consider that doctors are supposed to be healer but it seems this healing is confined to the body but not the soul! How soulless doctors and medics can heal the injured souls! Not surprising such attacks are carried out by walking dead and against the most innocent human beings including little children! In the past similar soulless people attacked the healers of the souls i.e. true messengers of Allah such as Jesus  (P.B.U.H)! It’s high time that all conscientious people of medical community raise their voice against this most brutal violation of human & patients’ lives!


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Date : 06-08-2014