An article by Abdul Jabbar Bhatti published by the Asian Human Rights Commission

PAKISTAN: The cases of extrajudicial killing has got nonstop in Sindh & Balochistan

The cases of extrajudicial killing has got nonstop in Sindh. Every day, newspapers and TV channels are filled with deceased bodies, assassinated by unknown persons, police personnel and law enforcement agencies. On the one hand, Pakistan is claimed to be a democratic state where its citizens are entitled to entertain basic and fundamental human rights. Where state organs keep on saying that people of Pakistan have rights of expression, right to access to information and right to be associated for their general development and collective cause, and, when she talks to the global community, it ensures implementation of international covenant on Civil and Political rights. Reports presented in human rights council of United Nations are seemed to be ambitious and based on fake & bogus data.

But, what is happening on the ground, media is eye witness for this. Hundreds and thousands of people are being killed, disappeared, and tortured, burnt alive etc, but no action is being taken against culprits, offenders and the killers of humanity. It indicates clearly that State and Government are on the side of those hidden hands that have crossed all the limits of civilization and humanity, and exposed to be beyond of any rules and regulations.

In short period of time, it is second peculiar event of its kind in Sindh that people are being killed and their faces are disfigured and burnt. Initial reports from different sources have pointed out that police and personnel from intelligence agencies are involved in such kind of incident in Sindh & Balochistan. In fact, this is cruel and inhuman act on either part.

On May 7, 2011, two young people Mr Abdullah and Mr Nazeer Jatoi, on Ratodero Road, near Larkana in village Piaral Umrani have been shoot to dead and their faces are disfigured so that these faces could not be recognized. Being heirs of Indus Civilization, Moen Jo Daro, Harapa Civilization and followers of Sachal Sarmast, Shah Abdul Latif and Bulay Shah, Baba Fareed etc, Who taught us love, humanity, tolerance, peace and dignity. They preached to love human being, irrespective of any difference, they struggled for peace and eternal rest, they taught us that this is in the interest of the entire universe to protect the collective cause, support the collective peace and entire humanity etc, but, we followers and devotees turned blind eyes from their teachings, hence, are facing such cruelties and atrocities by state and certain departments like police military and enforcement and spy agencies. It is because they want to maintain their rules and want to prolong their luxuries and kingdoms for their vested and illegal interests.

There is such rule, constitution; bill and declaration passed/approved by the states and religions that allow any force, group and individuals to kill, assassinate and murder any person without bring him/her to court but within Pakistan such practices are continued. State itself is not following its rule and has allowed certain group to take life of any person when and where they wish just on the pretext of enemy and allegedly involved in anti state activities.

As Pakistan is separate and independent country where sugar-coated rules and regulations are written, policies are drafted, constitutions are chalked out, describing the powers of different organs of state and governments and development plans are generated, after every five years for the development and prosperity of the people of Pakistan, but in the name peoples development upper class and ruling families are getting developed and getting richer. Everything is there in Pakistan like natural resources, human resources, minds to be used for the general development and seeking solutions of each social and civic disease, but what we lack is pro people leadership, law and order situation to be improved, implementation of so called constitutions, policies, laws and rules and regulations and ensuring biding of every state organs to exercise their powers. And government should ensure that Police and Army are give guns in their hands for the protection of people not for the killing of their own people.

Now, there is time to translate the promises, claims and slogans of 63 years into reality. Now, there is time to give power to the people to make their own decisions for their own development. Now, there is time to treat its citizens equally and with due honor and dignity, rather than shooting them dead, if they found to have difference onions and beliefs for their personal life.
If there is wish to make peace within the country and let Pakistan remain on the Globe for longer period of time, one has to come forward for initiating real change and pro people change on the ground.

Being human rights defender and protector, we strongly condemn such inhuman and uncivilized act of human rights violation to stop extrajudicial killings, in Sindh and Balochistan, and urge from the government of Pakistan to take immediate actions to safeguard the lives of People of Pakistan across the country.


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About the Author:
Jabbar Bhatti, Sinddh-Pakistan,

Document ID :AHRC-ETC-012-2011
Countries : Pakistan
Date : 09-05-2011