UPDATE (INDIA): Fr. Pallath’s hunger strike called off


Urgent Appeal Case: UP-46-2002

Dear Friends,

We have been informed that Fr. Pallath’s hunger strike was called off yesterday, the 44th day of hunger strike. But his demand for justice is still remained.

For your information, We are sending you the following update on this event.

Thank you for your attention.

Urgent Appeals Desk

Asian Human Rights Commission


Amidst growing concern about the further deterioration of Fr. Pallath’s health and the fear that the fast is progressing on the line script drafted by the Jesuits that wishes to see it end in his death, the hunger strike of Fr. Pallath that entered the 44th day yesterday was called off. The chairman of the solidarity committee, Mr. A Vasu, convened an urgent meeting of Fr. Pallath’s supporters late last night and apprised them of the health condition of Fr. Pallath. Fr. Pallath has been frequently experiencing giddiness in the last couple of days, a precursor to slipping in to a comma according to the doctors.

Mr. Vasu recalled his own experience when on the 33rd day of his hunger strike he slipped in to a comma, and it was miraculous that his life was saved. “Whatever could be Fr. Pallath’s emotions at the moment we have a responsibility to ensure that his life is not lost. That the Jesuits wish to see the fast end in Fr. Pallath’s death has become all too obvious.”

The meeting then unanimously decided to appeal to Fr. Pallath to call off the fast. To achieve the ends of justice, it is now imperative that you live, they reminded him. It was obviously a hard decision for Fr.Pallath. But in the end he agreed to abide by the decision of his supporters. He had only two requests: one, that the strike must be called off unilaterally, clearly acknowledging that none of the demands have been conceded. Two, no gestures, like the appeal by some dignitaries to put a veneer of social pressure on the decision should accompany the calling off of the fast.

At 12 p.m. yesterday, Mr. Theruavath Raman, the patron of the solidarity committee, offered a glass of lime juice to Fr. Pallath marking the end of the fast.

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