UPDATE (INDIA): Fr. Pallath was arrested and forcibly shifted to hospital


Urgent Appeal Case: UP-35-2002-01
ISSUES: Arbitrary arrest & detention,

Dear Friends, 

Following is the latest update on Fr. Pallath’s hunger strike. He was arrested and forcibly shifted to the Calicut Medical College hospital today. 

We are urging you once again to hold protests in front of the Jesuit houses in your country and to send protest letter, which suggested before, by fax or mail to the Jesuit superior general in Rome. The address of the Jesuit superior general in Rome is below. 

Rev. Fr. Peter-Hans Kolvenbach 
Superior General 
Curia Generalize 
Compagnia di Gesu 
C.P. 6139 
00195 Roma Prati, ITALY 
Fax: 39 06 686-8214 

Thank you. 

Urgent Appeals Desk 
Asian Human Rights Commission 


Fr. Pallath arrested, forcibly shifted to hospital and Fr. Mani Parambet of the CST order starts to continue the hunger strike 

In a swift move today around 1 p.m., Fr. Pallath was arrested and shifted to the Calicut Medical College hospital. Following a further worsening of his condition, the police requisitioned doctor recommended his immediate shifting to the hospital to save his life. Fr. Pallath resisted the arrest and has in his statement before being forcibly taken away has vowed to continue the fast in the hospital too. 

The arrest took place amidst tense scenes at the venue of the hunger strike. While Fr. Pallath resisted arrest, the solidarity committee in support of Fr. Pallath’s agitation yielded to the request of the police not to physically obstruct the arrest, in view of the serious condition Fr. Palltah’s health had taken. Noted Gandhian Sri Thayat Balan and Mr. A Vasu, the chairman of the Solidarity Committee exhorted the supporters not to resort to use of force to obstruct the police and only offer Gandian non-violent resistance of the arrest. 

While the shift to the hospital may facilitate the constant medical observation of Fr. Pallath, the doctors are anxious about his continuing the hunger strike in the hospital. The chances of his not responding to medication – itself to be administered under force – are very real, the doctors indicated. The most worrisome prospect for the doctors is the chance of Fr. Pallath losing consciousness or falling in to comma, which could make matters really difficult, according to doctors who have been examining him. 

Close on the heels of Fr. Pallath’s arrest and shift to hospital, Fr. Mani Parambet of the CST order began the relay hunger strike in front of the Medical College hospital itself, in solidarity with Fr. Pallath. 

Meanwhile, two sisters of Fr Pallath have entered the Jesuit house and are asking explanation as to what happened to their brother. There are people in the streets and they are agitated over what is taking place. 

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