UPDATE (Malaysia): Media Statement on the “ISA 7” from the Aliran Executive Committee 


Urgent Appeal Case: UP-25-2003
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We forward to you a Media Statement from Aliran, reagarding the “ISA7”.

Media Statement from Aliran Kesedaran Negara (ALIRAN) (National Consciousness Movement) http://www.aliran.com/

The Education Minister Should Show Compassion to the “ISA 7” Students

Aliran is deeply disturbed by Education Minister Musa Mohamed’s insistence that the so-called “ISA 7” students should apologise for their alleged participation in an anti-ISA demonstration in June 2001 before he can revoke their suspension.

Musa’s stipulation was made in response to civil society calls for the seven students to be allowed to continue their university studies pending trial.

This ministerial precondition is tantamount to compelling the students to admit guilt even before the court delivers its judgment. This, we believe, is unjust and prejudicial to their case and goes against natural justice.

The Education Minister should not be so quick to find them guilty. He should remember that some of the most successful people today, including those in government and those running our universities, were once also involved in demonstrations against one thing or another. We recall especially the student protests over Baling in 1974. Yet even when those students were arrested back then, the universities did not take action against them.

We therefore call on the honourable minister to exercise compassion so that the students will not have to endure unnecessary hardship and disruption to their studies merely based on suspicion. He should approach the issue intellectually instead of seeking a forced apology.

Aliran Executive Committee
13 July 2003.

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ALIRAN is a reform movement dedicated to Justice, Freedom, and Solidarity and is listed on the roster of the Economic and Social Council of the United Nations.


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