UPDATE: Summons issued to seven Jesuit priests on criminal charges


Urgent Appeal Case: UP-18-2001

UP-18-2001 (RE: UA12/01: Jesuit Priest abused by his own order

UPDATE: Summons issued to seven Jesuit priests on criminal charges 

Dear Friends, 

Regarding Fr. Pallath’s case, a summons has been issued by the Magistrate Court in Calicut to seven Jesuit priests and another person for physically throwing out their colleague of 33 years, Fr. Pallath J. Joseph. The case was allowed to proceed by the Magistrate Court in Calicut, and a summons has been issued to the following people as the accused: 

– Fr. Jose Thaiparambil, secretary and treasurer of the Jesuit province of Kerala 
– Fr. Abraham Pallivathukal, rector of Christ Hall where Fr. Pallath lived 
– Fr. Joseph Kalleppallil, a minister at Christ Hall 
– Fr. Paul Vadekel, acting Jesuit provincial 
– Fr. E. J. Thomas, Jesuit superior and present ‘director’ of the non-governmental organization (NGO) Samskriti 
– Fr. John Manipadam, Jesuit provincial 
– Fr. V. T. Jose, executive assistant 
– Mr. T. A. Joseph, advocate 

Many people and groups, including the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), have appealed to the superior general of the Jesuits in Rome to investigate the alleged criminal acts, but he has presently failed to respond. Suggestions have also been made for a proper way of dealing with the issue through dialogue by several Catholic priests in Kerala on a number of occasions. Now the religious and NGOs propose to take further action on the issue. 

AHRC issued an urgent appeal on Fr. Pallath’s behalf and has written several open letters to the Jesuit superior general. The complete story of the dispute can be found at the web site http://jjpallath.ahrchk.net. 

Thank you. 

Urgent Appeals Desk 
Asian Human Rights Commission 

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