UPDATE: MALAYSIA: Letter from Tian Chua, one of the ISA detainees who is serving a two-year detention order in Malaysia


Urgent Appeal Case: UP-14-2001
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UP-14-2001 (RE: FA02/01): Activists and political leaders detained under the Internal Security Act (ISA)
UPDATE : Letter from Tian Chua, one of the ISA detainees who is serving a two-year detention order in Malaysia.
Dear Friends,

We are sending you a copy of a letter received from Tian Chua, one of the ISA detainees who is serving a two-year detention order in Malaysia.

We urge you to send solidarity letters to those who are serving two-year detention orders. Those detained at Kamunting Detention Center are:
-Mr. Tian Chua (vice president of the National Justice Party)

-Mr. Mohamad Ezam Mohd. Nor (youth president of the National Justice Party)

-Mr. Saari Sungib (organizing committee chairperson of the ‘People’s Memorandum’)

-Mr. Hishamuddin Rais (media columnist and social activist)

-Mr. Lokman Adam (youth central committee member of the National Justice Party)

-Mr. Badaruddin Ismail (human rights activist)
For further information, please visit http://www.suaram.org/home.htm
Thank you.

Urgent Appeals Desk

Asian Human Rights Commission
6:43pm, Fri: My sincere thanks to all of your efforts and hard work since our arrest – a move that surprises me as I cannot understand why the ISA was necessary to prevent the April 14 peaceful assembly.
The bombs, rocket launchers story was of course a lie, which I suppose the IGP himself does not believe. The arrests reflects the insecurity of the regime. The response both domestic and international shows that the ISA can no longer reinforce the culture of fear.
The four of us had been hurried to Kamunting camp on June 2 and the detention order was read out to us at about 6pm. At 8.30pm, we were transported to the camp (arrived at 11.55pm). To date, we still wonder why such a rush, was it due to the habeas corpus of Gobi and Ghani?
Anyway, we are slowly settling down in the camp. Currently, Ezam and Saari share a dorm, Hisham and I another – the two blocks are next to each other. It was the same place where Kit Siang, Mat Sabu and others stayed during ‘Ops Lalang’. The atmosphere here is generally quite relaxed compared to our 50-odd days of interrogation.
We are trying to get some rest and are recovering from the Special Branch sessions. Since the four of us had no opportunity to communicate during the 50-odd days, we have a lot to catching up to do. We are able to receive certain books hence reading and exercise and besides, talking takes up much of our time.
Communication with the outside is still limited. It has been difficult to keep ourselves updated with the news. My two-month detention had been totally free of newspapers, TV or radio. I am slowly getting used to this sense of “detachment” from the world.
However, in my quiet and lonely nights, I have thought of a lot of things to say to all of you. I really miss you all. As the ISA rules permits me one letter in and one letter out each week and all correspondence would be going through the censor, I apologize for not being able to write to every individual or organization.
Please do not worry, I am fine and cheerful as usual. Nonetheless, I really miss everybody and do not know how to express my love and appreciation to you all. Your continuous campaign has kept us in high spirits and we are confident that the injustices would come to an end soon. We will just have to wait patiently for our freedom – not us alone but the whole of Malaysia.
With a bit more hard work, we might make this the last batch of ISA detainees. However, we must not forget the campaign against the ISA.
Don’t let the energy die down even if we are released. The struggle has to be sustained for a larger reform. Despite being isolated, I can feel the momentum and dynamism of your mobilization. I also feel guilty for not being able to contribute more.
Well done and take care! With lots of love and solidarity.
Tian Chua from

Kamunting Detention Center

34600 Taiping, Perak,


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