RESPONSE: SOUTH KOREA: Seven activists detained and charged with violating the National Security Law


Urgent Appeal Case: UA-32-2001-01
ISSUES: Rule of law,

Mr. Kim Dae-Jung

President of the Republic of Korea

The Chungwoadae

1 Sejong-ro, Chonro-gu

Seoul, ROK


Your Excellency President Kim Dae-Jung,


On a most tragic day in the United States I’d still like to take the

time to express my outrage at the treatment of South Korean citizens

who have arrested for their activities in Pyongyang during their recent travel to the north.


In the spirit of your own quest for democracy, free of expression, and respect for different points of view, it is unconscionable that your government would be so easily threatened by the individual expression of some who went to the DPRK that they would be subject to arrest. As you have urged yourself, the notorious National Security Law which is being used to rationalize the treatment of citizens like Professor Kang Jeong-Koo must finally be abolished.


Long after your presidency has passed, should you choose to oppose this vestige of Korea’s antidemocratic past, you will be remembered as one of your nation’s most courageous leaders.


I also urge you to insure the physical and psychological well-being of the seven who have been detained and their timely release.




Ramsay Liem

Professor of Psychology

Boston College


cc: Mr. Choi Kyung-won

Mr. Kim Jung-kwon

Asian Human Rights Commission

World Organization Against Torture

Document Type : Urgent Appeal Case
Document ID : UA-32-2001-01
Countries : South Korea,
Issues : Rule of law,