INDONESIA: Kidnapping of Two Human Rights Activists – Banda Aceh 


Urgent Appeal Case: UA-06-2003-01
ISSUES: Enforced disappearances and abductions, Human rights defenders,


Two Human Rights activists, Mukhlis Ishak, aka Choy, 27 yrs old, from Darussalam Banda Aceh, and Zulfikar, aka Joul, 24 yrs old, from Kramat Banda Aceh, have disappeared. The Banda Aceh Legal Aid Institute (LBH Banda Aceh) has found proof of the kidnap and disappearance of the two men.

On Thursday, 27 March, 2003, at 1800hrs, Mukhilis and Zulifkar were dragged into a brown Toyota Kijang military van by three men wearing civilian clothing. Photographs exist, showing a large man in a brown polo shirt following Mukhilis and Zulifkar, and two other unidentified kidnappers, one in grey jeans and the other in black shorts, walking beside Mukhilis and Zulifkar. Another photo shows the large man shutting the back door of the van. These photos confirm the suspicion that military forces (SGI/Kopassus) have a role in this case.

On Wednesday, 26 March, 2003, an official report was submitted to the Joint Security Committee (JSC) by two Banda Aceh Aid Institute lawyers, Rufriadi and Arie Maulana, calling for action to address the disappearances. On Thursday, 27 March, 2003, a team from LBH Banda Aceh joined with volunteers from the Peace Brigade International conducted an investigation in Bireun to find both the missing activists.

Zulfikars family arrived at the SGI/Kopassus building on Wednesday, 26 March, 2003, looking for information about their beloved son. They also took the case to the police headquarters in Bireun. Muklishs family and relatives will follow them soon.


We urge you to provide assistance, information and anything relevant to find both activists and to call for action to government authorities as well. These are guides for the action you may take:

Send letters to:

Pangkolakoops TNI/Pangdam Iskandar Muda

Attn: Mayor Jenderal. TNI. Djali Yusuf

Markas Komando Daerah Militer Iskandar Muda

Jl. Sri Ratu Safiatuddin No.1

Banda Aceh

Telephone : +62 (0651) 22099

Faximilie : +62 (0651) 27063 / Pangdams desk

+62 (0651) 26979 / Kasdams desk

Ask for information about Zulfikar and Mukhlis at the following phone numbers:

A Police Headquarters, Bireuen = +62 (0644) 21300]

B Military Police Headquarters, Bireuen = +62 (0644) 21366

C Military Headquarters, Bireuen = +62 (0644) 21104

D Mayor. TNI. Jem (Komandan SGI Lhokseumawe) = +62 8126569430 (mobile).

Thank you.

AHRC Urgent Appeals Programme

Asian Human Rights Commission

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Document Type : Urgent Appeal Case
Document ID : UA-06-2003-01
Countries : Indonesia,
Issues : Enforced disappearances and abductions, Human rights defenders,