INDIA: List of medical items required urgently in Chennai, Tamil Nadu state to deal with tsunami aftermath


Urgent Appeal Case: UA-03-2005
ISSUES: Right to health,

Dear friends,

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is deeply grieved about the vast amount of destruction and the many thousands of people who either died, have been missing or have in some way been affected by one of the worst natural disasters over the past many decades. Along with Indonesia, Sri Lanka, and Thailand, India has been one of the worst hit from the tsunami, with many villages in the Tamil Nadu state on the eastern coast being completely destroyed.

We have received a list of items desperately needed for medical aid from one of the hospitals involved in emergency work in Chennai, Tamil Nadu. St Isabel’s Hospital which belongs to the Congregation of Franciscan Hospitaller Sisters, badly need an ambulance fitted with a public address system to be able to reach out their talks on health and preventive emergency measures to a wide audience. Since they are not well equipped to have either CT scans or MRI’s in their hospital, they have been forced to pay for these outside. Hence they are in need of immediate financial assistance.

For your information, the AHRC attaches the list of needed items below. Those who wish to contribute either in kind or monetarily can contact Sr. Mary Ann John, St.Isabel’s Hospital, 49 Oliver Road, Mylapore, Chennai, tel: 24991081/82/83, email:

If any assistance is needed, you may contact the AHRC.

[[List of required medical items] 

Description                                                                             Quantity

Dressing gauze                                                                         10,000
Bandages                                                                                 10,000
Blankets                                                                                   2,000
Bed Sheets                                                                               2,000
Gowns for patients                                                                    2,000


Augmentine (1 gram)                                                                20,000
Metrogyl                                                                                  20,000
Oflaxine (tablet+injections)                                                        20,000
Taxin (injections)                                                                      10,000
Sutacef (injections-1.5 grams)                                               10,000
Eye Drops                                                                                20,000
Betadine Ointment                                                                    20,000
MOU-gel                                                                                 20,000
I.V.Sets                                                                                    5,000
Intra catheter                                                                            5,000
Paediatric Septran                                                                    20,000
Voveran Tablets                                                                       20,000
Typhoid Vaccine                                                                      10,000
Syringes                                                                                   20,000

Thank you.

Urgent Appeals Programme 
Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

Document Type : Urgent Appeal Case
Document ID : UA-03-2005
Countries : India,
Issues : Right to health,