ASIA: A dialogue on the Implementation of Human Rights – A video documentary 

(Hong Kong, December 19, 2014) The AHRC TV presents a roundtable discussion which was held on 2nd December 2014, at the International Legal Assistance Consortium (ILAC) of the Folke Bernadotte Academy in Stockholm, Sweden.

In this roundtable discussion Mr. Basil Fernando, 2014 Right Livelihood Laureate, discusses with a group of experts what he terms as a ‘new frontier for human rights’ on reforms of institutions of justice for the purpose of implementation of human rights.

The discussion begins with short summaries of a series of cases from several Asian countries that demonstrate the failures to implement human rights due to institutional failures in policing, prosecutions, and the judiciary which in turn enables perpetrators of grave crimes to go free, without having to face any legal consequences.

This is then followed by an in depth analysis of the situation discussing  issues where the global human rights community had not paid adequate attention to the problems of the developing countries and where institutional frameworks for the implementation of human rights have not been developed.

In the later part of the documentary many questions raised by the participants are being discussed.

This documentary gives a summary of the perspectives for the development of human rights programmes which are aimed at understanding the practical difficulties involved in the implementation of human rights – due to historical reasons – in the developing countries where institutional changes that occurred in the many European countries and in North America in the 19th Century had failed to take place. The main task of the discussion is to find the ways to deal with the development of basic institutions such as the police, the prosecution and the judiciary in the developing countries that will make them capable of implementing international norms and standards on human rights.

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