SRI LANKA: Use of live bullets on protesters – A discussion on video

(Hong Kong, June 3, 2011) On May 30, 2011 the Sri Lankan police used live ammunition on a group of demonstrating workers. As a result a 22-year-old man has died and about 200 people were injured. The incident shocked Sri Lankan society and there is an ongoing public debate on this issue. In this lecture the background to this incident and its implications are discussed. The history of worker’s movement and how it was suppressed is also discussed in the background of the general strike of 1980 which was crushed by the sacking of 40 workers. Behind all this is the constitutional history of the country after the 1978 Constitution placed the executive president above the law. 

Attacks of peaceful protests has become a common feature. 

Workers are again challenging this ethos and are attempting to participate in political life peacefully. 

In this lecture these issues are discussed. 

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