ASIA: WUNRN Presentation on acid attacks

(Hong Kong, September 28, 2010) Acid attacks occur with frightening regularity in many countries of Asia. Whether they are done out of revenge, religious intolerance or simply pure malice, the horror perpetrated on the victim is inhuman. It is an issue that the AHRC has reported on frequently.

The Women’s UN Report Network — WUNRN has produced a presentation to provide information on this form of abuse against women and children.

“Acid violence drastically changes the life of the victim including education, employment and other aspects of normal life. Survivors often have to face social isolation that further damages their self-esteem and confidence and undermines their professional and personal future”. 

From the introduction found in the Presentation

The presentation may be seen at:

Further information may be seen in many of the articles published in Human Rights & Culture at:

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