SRI LANKA: Video presentation on long term impact of 18th Amendment (In Sinhala)

(Hong Kong, September 8, 2010)

YouTube video (in Sinhala):  

What are the philosophical legal fallacies involved in the 18th Amendment? What will be the negative effects of this constitutional provision? These issues are discussed in this video presentation by Basil Fernando 

He states that 18th Amendment completed the course started by 1978 Constitution, which reversed the process of constitutionalism. Constitutions are for purpose of creating limits on power. However, in Sri Lanka, it is done to remove the limitations on power. 

This has changed the political system in every aspect. Now, instead of democratic process, the very opposite has been created. The result is that no valid law can operate in Sri Lanka through the legal process as it has been changed so radically. This will have far reaching implication in destroying the moral fabric of society. 

The future of Sri Lankan society will depend on the way, this process will be reversed. But, that will take time and serious efforts.

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