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The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is forwarding two statements separately issued by the human rights activists and organizations of the civil society and Gagan Kumar Thapa, former general secretary of the student wing affiliated to the Nepali Congress, on 3 February 2005, with regard to King Gyanendra’s dissolving of the cabinet through royal proclamation on 1 February 2005.

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[Press release 1]

Press release

February 3, 2005

King Gyanendra’s takeover of the executive power by dissolving the cabinet through royal proclamation on February 1 and forming a government under his chairmanship is a direct attack on the fundamental principles of democracy. Today’s meeting of the human rights activists and organizations of the civil society express regret over King’s such step.

It has directly attacked the universal principles of human rights by declaring nationwide emergency right after taking executive power in his hands. This declaration has also violated the international conventions in which Nepal is party too. In this grave situation this meeting appeals to the national and international communities to reinstate an honor democracy and universal principles of human rights immediately and urges to take the following steps.

1. It condemns the arrest of leaders of the political parties and human rights activists before and after the royal proclamation, and urges to immediately make their whereabouts public and provide proper treatment.

2. It appeals to stop direct and indirect vigilance of the human rights activists, media people and activists of freedom of expression and also the agencies working in these fields by the security agencies. At the same time, makes special request to all the diplomatic missions in and outside of Nepal to exert pressure on Nepal to ensure security of these people.

3. Since the obstruction of communications created without any reason would ultimately affect common Nepalese, we condemn this irresponsible act and urge to reinstate the communication system. We also appeal to all the international community to make necessary arrangement to ensure that.

4. It also requests to make arrangement for proper functioning of the National Human Rights Commission since it is facing difficulties in conducting its activities independently.

5. Since the status of human rights is deteriorating under the existing grave situation, this meeting urges human rights organizations including the United Nations, to actively follow up and pursue the situation of human rights in Nepal.

Signed by:

1. Subodh Kumar Pyakurel                   INSEC
2. Govinda “Bandi”                               Nepal Bar Association (Human Rights Committee)
3. Shovakar Budathoki             Center for Human Rights and Democratic Studies
4. Pradip Shankar Wagle                      Nepal Bar Association (Human Rights Committee)
5. Rajesh Hamal                                   Advocacy Forum
6. Madhav Pradhan                              CWIN
7. Bhanubhakta Dhakal             Mahendra Narayan Nidhi Memorial Foundation
8. Usha Titichhu                                    Solidarity for Peace
9. Dinesh Prasai                                    Campaign for Peace
10. Samir Nepal                                   Human Rights Alliance
11. Gopal Sivakoti                                INHURED
12. Surya Chantyal                               NGO Federation
13. Anil Bhattarai                                  Nepal South Asia Center
14. Swonam                                         Solidarity for Peace

[Press Release 2] 

Press Release From Gagan Kumar Thapa
February 3rd, 2005


I, Gagan Kumar Thapa, in my capacity as a former general secretary of Nepali student wing affiliated to the Nepali Congress deeply condemned the move of King Gyanendra who has assumed the absolute power on the 1st of February, 2005 at 10.25 a.m. (Nepali time) through his royal proclamation. He has suspended all the democratic rights and values of the constitution of 1990 that has been materialise by the people of Nepal by laying their precious life. He has further put the leaders of all the political parties in the house arrest and has captured the young leaders and sent them to the army barracks. We don’t know about their status. The media has been put into strictest survelliance by
the security forces.

My life is under severe threat as I have been advocating for the Republic set-up in the Himalayan Kingdom of Nepal. So far I am safe and sound. But anything can happen with my life. My free movement has been curtailed. My family members are simultaneously receiving the threats and are passing through a mental trauma from the security personnel.

I hereby, call upon the international media, human rights organisations, United Nations, and all the peace and freedom lover people and governments of the world to act quickly upon a highly deteriorating human rights violation that is taking place in Nepal. Since the communication has been cut-off and the emergency been imposed since the royal proclamation, we know nothing about the whereabouts of many democratic political leaders and their status. Many of them are believed to be killed by the security forces.

I would like to thank everyone helping us to fight against the authoritarian rule that has disguised itself in the name of democracy and human rights.


Gagan Kumar. Thapa
Former-General Secretary
Nepal Student (Affiliated to the Nepali Congress).
Name of the key leaders, human rights activists and social activist missing in Nepal.

1. Narhari Acharya (Nepali Congress)
2. Kundan Kafle (Student leader- affiliated with the Nepali Congress)
3. Pradeep Nepal ( leader of the CPN-UML)
4. Roop Narayan Shrestha (student leader of the CPN- UML)
5. Khagendra Sangraula ( Social activist)
6. Kishor Singh Rathor (Student leader of the Nepali Congress Democratic)

Some of the leaders who have been put into house Arrest

1. Girija Pd. Koirala ( Senior leader & President of the Nepali Congress)
2. Madhav Kr. Nepal (Senior leader & Secretary of CPN UML)
3. Pashupati Shamsher (Senior leader & President of the Rastriya
Prajatantra Party)
4. Daman Nath Dhungana ( Former Speaker of the house of
representatives and presently a human-rights activist).

And many more but their names have not yet been confirmed.

Thank you.

Urgent Appeals Programme
Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

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