FORWARDED APPEAL (Philippines): A picture of the human rights situation in the Philippines in 2005 

Dear friends,

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is forwarding to you a report by Karapatan (Alliance for the Advancement of People’s Right), a human rights organisation based in Manila, regarding their assessment on the situation of human rights in the Philippines for 2005.

The report below also indicates individual cases of extra-judicial execution, abduction and forcible disappearance.

If you have further questions, please contact Karapatan.

Urgent Appeals Programme
Asian Human Rights Commission


The present human rights situation in the Philippines worsened as the Arroyo government, beset with a severe economic and political crisis, intensified its repression and use of state terror against the people and the opposition.  The number of human rights violations in 2005 was the highest ever recorded since the Marcos dictatorship.

The human rights organization KARAPATAN documented 874 cases of human rights violations with 99,011 individual victims from January to November 30, 2005.  The violations affected 14,302 families in 288 communities.

There were 179 victims of politically motivated killings compared with 63 victims in 2004. This number does not include 52 victims who survived assassination attempts.  There were 46 victims of abductions/forced disappearances in 2005 (151 reported by KARAPATAN since Arroyo became president).

Targeting of Leaders and Members of the Legal Democratic Movement

Progressive organizations fielded candidates in the 2001 national elections under the political party Bayan Muna (People First).  It received the most number of votes under the partylist system and was able to win three (3) seats in Congress (Parliament).  In the 2004 national elections, more progressive candidates were fielded.  Bayan Muna, Anakpawis (Toiling Masses) and Grabriela Women’s Party won six (6) seats in Congress despite moves by National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales to get them removed from the partylist, vicious anti-communist propaganda, outright harassment and terrorism by the military and police against their supporters, and rampant cheating of their votes.  This represents the effort of the legal democratic left to participate in parliamentary elections.

Of the 179 cases of politically motivated killings recorded in 2005, 67 were political activists.  They were leaders (regional or provincial coordinators), members or supporters of Bayan Muna, Anakpawis and people’s organizations.  Anakpawis suffered the highest number of casualties with 33 killed.  Bayan Muna came next with 30 killed.  In addition, five (5) members of Anakpawis and three (3) members of Bayan Muna are still disappeared.

Two local party headquarters of Bayan Muna were set on fire.  Local leaders of progressive partylist groups were harassed, illegally detained and threatened.  This pattern of violence is a desperate and systematic effort to silence and annihilate the Left: the most vocal critics of the Arroyo government.

Of the 179 killed and 46 disappeared, many were known professionals, performing their duties as local government officials, lawyers, journalists, human rights activists and church workers.

Sixty six of those killed and 37 disappeared were ordinary civilians, mostly peasants, labeled by the military as relatives, sympathizers or supporters of communist or Muslim rebels.  Among the 66 were two (2) fetuses in the womb of women who were murdered.

Of the 179 killed, 26 were Muslim prisoners accused of being Abu Sayyaf members.  They were killed when prison guards, police and the military stormed a detention camp in Manila during a prison disturbance.

Supressing the Truth

Journalists exposing military and police abuses, graft and corruption and involvement of government officials with criminal syndicates are also targets.  The National Union of Journalists reported that seven journalists or media practitioners were killed last year.

Human rights workers, including staffers of KARAPATAN, documenting military and police violations of human rights have also been targeted, as well as lawyers, church workers and elected local officials who support people’s organizations fighting for their rights, such as indigenous peoples and environmental groups.  Among the 179 victims are one (1) human rights worker , three (3) church workers , seven (7) human rights lawyers  and three (3) elected local government officials .  In almost all instances, the military misrepresents the victims or their organizations as “terrorists”, communists, rebel sympathizers or ‘enemies of the state’ to justify the violent attacks.

Pattern of Assassinations

Except for the 26 Muslim prisoners and the massacre of peasants in Palo, Leyte, most if not all of the victims were killed by two motorcycle-riding men wearing helmets or masks riding in tandem with support from other motorcycle-riding men.

The pattern of assassinations is the same nationwide with known activists of legal left organizations as victims.  The killings also happen in spurts over a one-to-two-month period followed by a lull of two-to-three-months, then the killing spree resume, showing that these are centrally directed with chosen targets, specific places and timetables.

Promoting Perpetrators of Human Rights Violations

The violent attacks are committed with impunity, sometimes near or close to military or police detachments, with no police investigations carried out, and no perpetrators arrested or brought to justice.  In fact, the suspected perpetrators are even promoted.

General Jovito Palaparan is a case in point.  He first gained notoriety as the “butcher of Mindoro” in April 2003 after the torture and summary executions of Eden Marcellana, KARAPATAN’s Southern Tagalog regional coordinator, and Eddie Gumanoy, a peasant leader.  During his stint as head of the 204th IB in Oriental Mindoro from the latter part of 2001 till May 2003, KARAPATAN recorded 27 activists and ordinary civilians killed.  At that time Palparan was still a colonel.  Previous to Oriental Mindoro, he was head of Task Force Banahaw which covers Rizal and Laguna Provinces.  During his stint, KARAPATAN recorded 61 cases of human righst violations, including the killing of civilians and a five-year old boy.

Despite strong objections by people’s organizations and some senators and congressmen for violations of human rights, Palparan was promoted to Brig. General by President Arroyo and awarded the Presidential Citation for Valor in May 2003.  He was subsequently sent to head the Philippine contingent in Iraq in January 2004.

With the withdrawal of Philippine troops from Iraq in August 2004, Palparan was promoted to Major General in October 2004.  From February to August 2005, he was head of the 8th IB in Eastern Visayas.  From September 2005 to the present, Palparan has been head of the 2nd ID in Central Luzon.  Of the 179 summarily executed last year, 31 were from Eastern Visayas and 52 from Central Luzon.  Most of the victims were killed while Palparan was the commanding officer in those regions.  In addition to the 31 killed in Eastern Visayas, 32 were disappeared during his stint there, while seven (7) were disappeared in Central Luzon. .

The modus operandi of Palparan is setting up death squads that commit brazen assassinations and forcible abduction of victims, wearing helmets or ski-masks and riding motorcycles or unmarked vans, and sometimes killing or abducting the victims in their own homes before their spouses and children.  Not only are these tactics reminiscent of the Marcos years, but also of the time in 1986-88 when leaders of people’s organizations, human rights lawyers and candidates of Partido ng Bayan, the left political party established after martial law, were being killed by motorcycle-riding men.  At that time, Gen. Eduardo Ermita was Chief of Operations of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

Laying the Foundation for Dictatorship

The political killings and disappearances of activists have been brought to the attention of the highest officials of the land.  In his testimony before the the Citizens’ Congress for Truth and Accountability (CCTA), presided over by former Vice-President Teopisto Guingona, Rep. Satur Ocampo of Bayan Muna, Chairman of the House Special Committee on Peace, Unity and Reconciliation and a Senior Member of the House Committee on Human, Civil and Political Rights, testified that from January 2002 to August 2005, he has had six occasions to inform President Arroyo personally and by phone, in Malacanang Palace and elsewhere, alone or in the presence of other officials and partylist representatives, of the escalating violations of human rights in the country, especially against his own partylist leaders and members, and to ask her to act in order to put a stop to the killings and violations.

On these occasions, Rep. Ocampo said that President Arroyo “appeared cold and indifferent, just looking at me and nodding her head”.  Up to now, President Arroyo has not taken any action to put a stop to the killings.  She has not even issued a statement to look into the killings and disappearances.  This inaction on the part of the executive has emboldened her military minions to escalate the killings.  Thus, in the month of January 2006 alone, six political activists have already been summarily executed in different regions of the country.

On the contrary, President Arroyo has issued several Executive Orders (EO) that virtually lay the groundwork for a dictatorship. Using a repressive law by Marcos (Batas Pambansa 880), President Arroyo adopted the policy of so-called “calibrated preemptive response” against rallies that is meant to suppress protest actions and curtail freedom of assembly.  She issued EO 464 that prevents government officials and employees to appear before congressional hearings without her approval.  She asked her Secretary of Justice to draft an order on emergency rule (EO 467).  She is also pushing Congress to pass an anti-terrorism bill harsher than the Homeland Security Act of Bush, and to adopt into law her executive order (EO 420) on National Identification System.

Continuing Resistance by the People

The intensifying political repression has engendered growing resistance against not only against the repression itself but also against the anti-people neo-liberal policies, the corruption and election cheating of the current administration, particularly against Mrs. Arroyo and her cohorts in government and the military.

The progressive representatives of Bayan Muna, Anakpawis and Gabriela Women’s Party continue to uphold the people’s interest in Congress.  People’s organizations such as BAYAN, Kilusang MayoUno (KMU), the biggest and most progressive trade union federation, and the Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas (KMP), the biggest peasant union, stand firm in pushing for the national and democratic aspirations of the people.

The broad mass movement is growing with elements from the political opposition, such as Mrs. Corazon Aquino, the former president, the churches, such as the National Council of Churches in the Philippines (NCCP) and the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines (CBCP), civil society groups, the military, and the masses, all coming together in coordinated mass actions and calling for Mrs. Arroyo to step down from the presidency.

The use of state terror and repression has not dampened the people’s will to fight for justice and democracy.

Names of victims of killing: (regional location/date of incident/name of victims/organisation)

1. CL/11-Jan-05/Pablito Ignacio/member of Bayan Muna-Bulacan
2. CV/13-Jan-05/Eusebio Polahon/member of Ang Dating Daan
3. CL/25-Jan-05/Felino Briones/resident of Sitio Abot, Brgy. Bantog, Victoria, Tarlac City
4. CL/25-Jan-05/Jaime Fitero/resident of Sitio Abot, Brgy. Bantog, Victoria, Tarlac City
5. ARMM/1-Feb-05/Tal Padiwan/resident-Kapuk Punggul, Sitio Baunuice, Maimbung, Sulu
6. ARMM/1-Feb-05/Sidang Padiwan/resident-Kapuk Punggul, Sitio Baunuice, Maimbung, Sulu
7. ARMM/1-Feb-05/Aldasir Padiwan/resident-Kapuk Punggul, Sitio Baunuice, Maimbung, Sulu
8. ARMM/1-Feb-05/Salip Faisal Salim/resident-Kapuk Punggul, Sitio Baunuice, Maimbung, Sulu
9. CL/1-Feb-05/Noel Garcia Aguman/Maglalautang de Capampangan (AMC)
10. CL/1-Feb-05/Loyloy Garcia/Aguman Maglalautang de Capampangan (AMC)
11. ST/5-Feb-05/Ronnie Almoete/Bayan Muna /UP
12. ST/5-Feb-05/Abe Sungit/KARAPATAN
13. NMR/8-Feb-05/Franklin Bulane
14. NMR/8-Feb-05/Parilla Bulane
15. NMR/8-Feb-05/Promencio Bulane
16. CL/16-Feb-05/Rodrigo Lampa/Aguman Maglalautang de Capampangan (AMC)
17. CL/16-Feb-05/Chrispin Amazona/Member-Anakpawis Dingalan, Aurora
18. CL/18-Feb-05/Renato Espino/Aguman Maglalautang de Capampangan (AMC)
19. CL/20-Feb-05/Rodel Pelayo/Central Luzon Aetas Association (CLAA)
20. CL/25-Feb-05/JR Villena
21. CL/20-Feb-05/Joey Abraham/Central Luzon Aetas Association (CLAA)
22. BIKOL/28-Feb-05/Rafael Marcaida/peasant and janitor-Sorsogon State college
23. ST/28-Feb-05/Linda Pinar/peasant
24. ST/28-Feb-05/Romeo Pinar/peasant
25. XI/5-Feb-05/Atty. Reuel Dalguntas/IBP Davao del Norte
26. X1/5-Feb-05/Garry Hopilena/nephew of Reuel Dalguntas
27. NCR/9-Feb-05/Robert Neyra/driver of lawyer A Cabalida
28. 2-Feb-05/Edgar Amoro/Freelance broadcaster
29. 28-Feb-05/Arnulfo Villanueva/Asian Star Express Balita
30. ST/9-Feb-05/Teresita Vidamo/PAO, Las Piñas
31. CL/3-Mar-05/Abelardo R. Ladera/Bayan Muna-Tarlac, city councilor
32. EV/8-Mar-05/Emiliano Nardo/BDFA and API-KA
33. ICR/9-Mar-05/Romeo “Romy” Sanchez/Regional Coordinator/Bayan Muna-Ilocos, Secretary General-Bayan Ilocos
34. BIKOL/10-Mar-05/Ernesto Bang/Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas-Camarines Norte
35. Bikol/12-Mar-05/Jose Guiriba/Anakpawis-Sorsogon
36. CL/13-Mar-05/Fr. William Tadena/Iglesia Filipina de Indepiendente –Tarlac
37. EV/14-Mar-05/Atty. Felidito C. Dacut/BM, IBP-Leyte
38. EV/14-Mar-05/Marvin Montabon/resident
39. EV/15-Mar-05/Benedicto Mabini
40. NCR/15-Mar-05/Ahmad Kim Pael/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
41. NCR/15-Mar-05/Hadji Ahmad Upao/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
42. NCR/15-Mar-05/Hasbie Dae/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
43. NCR/15-Mar-05/Ibnohasser Hagassi/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
44. NCR/15-Mar-05/Ammad Sahiron/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
45. NCR/15-Mar-05/Ibrahim Hamie Joe/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
46. NCR/15-Mar-05/Gafaar Mundi/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
47. NCR/15-Mar-05/Badran Abdulhamid/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
48. NCR/15-Mar-05/Ahmad Arawangsa/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
49. NCR/15-Mar-05/Muhaiser Tilao/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
50. NCR/15-Mar-05/Amil Ulla/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
51. NCR/15-Mar-05/Maorin Mubasarin/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
52. NCR/15-Mar-05/Muktar Abukhair/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
53. NCR/15-Mar-05/Burham Hadji/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
54. NCR/15-Mar-05/Alhamser Manatad Limbong/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
55. NCR/15-Mar-05/Nadzmie Sabdulla/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
56. NCR/15-Mar-05/Galib Andang/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
57. NCR/15-Mar-05/Abdulrasid Lim/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
58. NCR/15-Mar-05/Almasui Mawadi/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
59. NCR/15-Mar-05/Jalal Ampaso/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
60. NCR/15-Mar-05/Almodi Tarabangsa/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
61. NCR/15-Mar-05/Nassier Jay Impal/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
62. NCR/15-Mar-05/Jolo Patarasa/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
63. NCR/15-Mar-05/Amin Kashim/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
64. NCR/15-Mar-05/Ibno Mubarak/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
65. NCR/15-Mar-05/Piga Edcel Tomas Manuel/detainee-suspected Abu Sayyaf
66. BIKOL/16-Mar-05/Joel Toliao Reyes/Anakpawis member
67. CenViz/16-Mar-05/Henry Flores Member-Anakpawis
68. CL/17-Mar-05/Victor Concepcion/AMC-SecGen
69. /9-Mar-05/Marlene Garcia Esperat/The Midland Review
70. EV/9-Apr-05/Norberto Cabigayan/Member, Bayan Muna
71. EV/11-Apr-05/Sammy Dote/Laborer-Catbalogan Municipal Hall, member-COURAGE
72. ST/11-Apr-05/Hablito Solina/People’s Missionary Church
73. ST/11-Apr-05/Elner Solina/Resident of Brgy.San Rafael, Rodriguez, Rizal
74. Negros/13-Apr-05/Manuel Bargamento/Organizer-Negros Federation of Sugar workers
75. EV/15-Apr-05/Alfredo Davis/BM-Municipal/Coordinator, UCCP Samar
76. EV/15-Apr-05/Iñigo Bacarra/resident
77. Negros/17-Apr-05/Renante Alesna/Member, KMP
78. ST/18-Apr-05/Noli Jusi/Councilor-Brgy.Salvacion, Agdangan, Quezon
79. ST/18-Apr-05/Jayson Baratina/worker & resident of Brgy. Ibabang Kinagunan, Agdangan, Quezon
80. ST/18-Apr-05/Megalito Rivera/worker & resident of Brgy. Ibabang Kinagunan, Agdangan, Quezon
81. EV/21-Apr-05/Ernesto Pacayra/resident
82. BIKOL/25-Apr-05/Delio Apolinar/Bayan Muna-Pamplona, Camarines Sur
83. EV/28-Apr-05/Noli Labado/resident
84. EV/1-May-05/Vencio Fabillar/suspected NPA
85. EV/3-May-05/Bienvinido Baclayon/farmer
86. EV/3-May-05/Ruben de Guia
87. EV/4-May-05/Certain Gerardo
88. CL/8-May-05/Atty. Ambrocio Matias/AP Municipal Coordinator-NE, AMGL Counsel
89. CL/8-May-05/Leonard Matias/Law Student
90. EV/12-May-05/Alfredo Malinao/Member, KAMAS Local Peasant Org at San Isidro, Leyte
91. EV/12-May-05/Rev. Edison Lapuz/UCCP, Chairperson, Katungod Sinirangan Bisayas, Former BM Coordinator
92. CARAGA/12-May-05/Jessie Bacasmas/Lumad
93. BIKOL/20-May-05/Eddie Dimaano/Dampa-Kilusang Magbubukid ng Pilipinas(KMP) TAMBO, Pamplona Chapter, Bayan Muna Coordinator-Pamplona
94. 4-May-05/Klein Cantoneros/DXAA-FM / Dipolog City
95. 10-May-05/Philip Agustin/Starline Times Recorder
96. EV/4-Jun-05/Chito Pacalan/resident
97. EV/10-Jun-05/Joel Basada
98. Negros/10-Jun-05/Mario Fernandez/Negros Federation of Sugar Workers
99. Negros/13-Jun-05/Manuel Batolina/Negros Federation of Sugar Workers
100. 3-Jul-05/Rolando Morales/DWMD-Radio Mindanao Network
101. EV/3-Jul-05/Jeric Barbas
102. EV/3-Jul-05/Alrico Barbas Sr./Anakpawis Member
103. Negros /6-Jul-05/Antonio Pantonial/Negros Federation of Sugar Workers
104. NL/6-Jul-05/Adolfo Aquino/Bayan Muna-Pangasinan
105. Negros/13-Jul-05/Usting Bantillan/Negros Federation of Sugar Workers
106. EV/16-Jul-05/Constancio Calubid
107. CL/17-Jul-05/Nilo Bayas/Vice-Chairman, Samahan ng Mag-uuling sa Sapang Bulak, Dona Remedios Trinidad, Bulacan
108. ST/20-Aug-05/Rev. Raul Y. Domingo/Bayan Muna Palawan ;Karapatan-Palawan
109. ST/29-Aug-05/Boker Tagumpay
110. EV/1-Sep-05/Atty. Norman Bocar/BM
111. EV/1-Sep-05/Ryan Cabrigas/employee-Samar Electric Cooperative II (SAMELCO II).
112. EV/1-Sep-05/Benedicto Gabon/employee-Samar Electric Cooperative II (SAMELCO II).
113. EV/1-Sep-05/Engr.Dalmacio Cepeda/employee-Samar Electric Cooperative II (SAMELCO II).
114. EV/2-Sep-05/Jolito Tobino/resident of Brgy. Bagacay, Palapag, Northern Samar
115. NCR/5-Sep-06/Victor Padilla
116. NCR/13-Sep-05/Dante Teotino
117. CL/13-Sep-05/Leodegario M. Punzal /Local Leader-Anakpawis Norzagaray, Bulacan
118. ST/18-Sep-05/Elpidio Versamina
119. ST/22-Sep-05/Diosdado Fortuna/AP, UFE, Nestle Worker’s Union
120. CL/24-Sep-05/Jose Levimar Rieza/Sitio Kinahigan, Brgy.Tala, Orani, Bataan
121. NCR/23-Sep-05/Judge Estrellita Paas/RTC Pasay
122. CAR/5-Sep-05/Eugenia Campo/Abra
123. CL/25-Sep-05/Roman Friolo/resident of Purok 3, Brgy. Cordero, Lupao, Nueva Ecija
124. CL/27-Sep-05/Mario Tuvera/Resident of Sitio Balayang, Brgy.Pag-asa, Orani, Bataan
125. CARAGA/30-Sep-05/Victoria P. Samonte/Regional Vice Chairperson Kilusang Mayo Uno-CARAGA, President-Andres Soriano College Employees Union
126. CL/1-Oct-05/Jimmy Legaspi/President, Union BOD Sierra Madre Bus Line Co.
127. CL/1-Oct-05/Edmer Rufino/Resident of Brgy.Tala, Orani, Bataan
128. CL/2-Oct-05/Armando Javier Anakpawis
129. CL/2-Oct-05/Priscilla Esteban/Bayan Muna Local Leader-Brgy Lennec, Guimba, Nueva Ecija
130. CL/7-Oct-05/Rolando Mariano/Member, Bayan Muna,Former President, Tarlac Electric Company Employees Union (TARELCO-EU)
131. ST/11-Oct-05/Ponciano Silva/Anakpawis Local Leader-Unisan, Quezon
132. CL/15-Oct-05/Florante Collantes/Secretary General-Bayan Muna-Tarlac
133. NCR/15-Oct-05/Ramon Namuro/Staff, AJODOM-PISTON
134. CL/18-Oct-05/Luis Caresma peasant
135. CL/20-Oct-05/Tito Macabitos/Bayan Muna Local Leader
136. CL/24-Oct-05/Rodante Bautista/Bayan Muna-La Paz, Tarlac
137. CL/25-Oct-05/Ricardo Ramos/Central Azucarera de Tarlac Labor Union (CATLU)
138. BIKOL/26-Oct-05/Jesus Lombo, Jr./Member-Bicol Coconut Planters Association, Inc.-KMP
139. CL/26-Oct-05/Pederico de Leon/Anakpawis PartyList BTODA
140. CL/26-Oct-05/Francisco Rivera/Bayan Muna-Pampanga
141. CL/26-Oct-05/Angel David/Resident of Angeles City, Pampanga
142. CL/26-Oct-05/Nemesio Maniti/Resident of Angeles City, Pampanga
143. CL/7-Nov-05/Ernesto Nabia, Sr. /peasant, charcoal producer
144. EV/7-Nov-05/Jose Ducalang/Bayan Muna Coordinator-Ormoc City
145. CL/13-Nov-05/Diego Dagul/Igorot Farmers-Nueva Viscaya
146. CL/13-Nov-05/Mackol Atin-an/Igorot Farmers-Nueva Viscaya
147. EV/13-Nov-05/Bienvenido Bajado/Council Member of BAYAN Eastern Visayas; Sec Gen. BAYAN Eastern Samar; Council member Katungod (Karapatan)-Eastern Samar and the former Vice-Mayor of Maydolong, Eastern Samar who ran under Bayan Muna in 2001
148. CL/18-Nov-05/Felix Domingo/peasant
149. BIKOL/18-Nov-05/Ricardo Uy/Member, MANINDUGAN (a human rights alliance in Sorsogon, Philippines), Chairperson, Bayan Muna – Sorsogon City Chapter, President, SIMRI (Sorsogon Independent Media Reporters, Incorporated), Convenor, POWER (People Opposed to Warrantless Electricity Rates)
150. CL/19-Nov-05/Errol Sending/Bayan Muna-Pampanga
151. CL/20-Nov-05/Danilo Supeña/peasant and resident of Maloma, Zambales
152. CL/20-Nov-05/Marivel T. Supeña/Former Member, League of Filipino students in Central Luzon State University
153. CL/20-Nov-05 /4 month fetus Supeña
154. ST/20-Nov-05/Robert Ramos /Katapat, Laguna
155. CL/21-Nov-05/Rommel Arcilla/PELCO
156. EV/21-Nov-05 /Bernabe Burra Jr y Barbosa  San Agustin
157. EV/21-Nov-05/Eric Nogal y Selada
158. EV/21-Nov-05/Roel Obejas y Lacaba
159. EV/21-Nov-05/Reynaldo Tante
160. EV/21-Nov-05/Gerry Almerino/BM Leyte
161. EV/21-Nov-05/Eufemia Burra y Barbosa
162. EV/21-Nov-05 /Alma Bartoline/BM Leyte
163. EV/21-Nov-05/Baby Bartoline
164. EV/21-Nov-05/Mark Bonsa
165. CL/21-Nov-05/Celestino Illescas
166. ST/27-Nov-05/Esmedio Manongsong
167. ICR/28-Nov-05/Jose Manegdeg III/Regional coordinator, Rural Missionaries of the Philippines-Ilocos and Cordillera, BM Ilocos Sur
168. ICR/29-Nov-05/Albert Terredano/BM, President, DAR Employees Association -ABRA, Volunteer, Cordillera Indigenous Peoples’ Legal Center, former staff, TFDP-Abra
169. WMR/6-Dec-05/Junico Salem (Junie Jacosalem)/UCCP Member of Calaran, Mispa Worker, Member-Bayan Muna Calamba, Misamis Occidental
170. CL/Cathy Alcantara
171. BIKOL/11-Dec-05/Renante Ladim
172. BIKOL/11-Dec-05/Maritess Gaton
173. CL/13-Dec-05/Alfredo Manaol Jr./Chairman, AMB
174. CL/15-Dec-05/Victorina Gomez/Brgy. Chairperson, Brgy. Parian Mexico, Pampanga/BM leader
175. CL/15-Dec-05/Romeo Atienza/Brgy. Kagawad, Brgy. Parian Mexico, Pampanga
176. CL/16-Dec-05/Jes Alcantara/Former Municipal Coordinator-Bayan Muna, Secretary General, TODA Federation
177. CenViz/28-Dec-05/Allan Villavicencio/Chairman, NAMACA -Brgy.Caridad, Tuburan, Cebu, Barrio Coordinator, Bayan Muna
178. ST/31-Dec-05/Judge Henrick Guingoyon
179. CL/Artemio Carmen Sr./baranngay captain-Tarlac

“KARAPATAN reported at least 7 human rights workers killed in 2005. Three of them were listed as church workers (Fr. William Tadena, Rev. Edison Lapuz and Rev. Raul Domingo) while two were Bayan Muna members (Atty. Felidito Dacut and journalist Ricardo Uy) while one was regional coordinator of Anakpawis (Atty. Ambrosio Matias).
PCPR reported 7 church workers killed in 2005. KARAPATAN volunteer Abe Sungit, and Alfredo Davis, Rev Raul Domingo, Junico Halem and Jose Manegdeg of Bayan Muna were included in the report CODAL reported seven human rights lawyers killed in 2005. Atty. Felidito Dacut  and Atty. Norman Bocar of Bayan Muna; and Atty. Ambrosio Matias of Anakpawis were also human rights lawyers.
Three other elected government officials were listed under Bayan Muna victims. Abelardo Ladera: lawyer Abelardo Ladera was a councillor of Tarlac City; Victorina Gomez was Brgy. Chairperson of Brgy. Parian; and Bienvenido Bajado was the former Vice-Mayor of Maydolong, Eastern Samar who ran under Bayan Muna in 2001”

Names of abducted victims: (Regional location/Date of Incident/Name of organisation)

1. CL/25-Jan-05/Richard Collado/peasant
2. CV/16-Jan-05/Eusebio Polahon/member of Ang Dating Daan
3. CL/11-Feb-05/Esteban Pastor/member of Bayan Muna Aurora
4. CL/17-Feb-05/Roger Viray/Vice-President, PAMALAKAYA Bulacan
5. CL/17-Feb-05/Sergio Viray/Member of PAMALAKAYA Bulacan
6. CL/3-Mar-05/Danilo Macapagal/Coordinator of BAYAN MUNA-Nueva Ecija, Former Secretary General, BAYAN-Nueva Ecija
7. EV/7-Mar-05/Sixto Montabon Sr./resident of Brgy.Palencia, Tarangnan, Samar
8. ST/12-Mar-05/Jose Sinad Nayong/Member of SIBAT-indigenous people’s organization
9. ST/13-Mar-05/Arthur Aguilar/Security Guard and former activist in Mindoro
10. EV/30-Mar-05/Patricio Abalos/resident of Purok 2, Brgy.Guindapunan, Catbalogan, Samar
11. EV/31-Mar-05/Noni Fabella/resident of Brgy.13, Catbalogan, Samar
12. EV/31-Mar-05/Rina Balais Fabella/member of Advocates for Women’s Actions, Rights and Empowerment (AWARE)
13. EV/31-Mar-05/Liza Fabella/resident of Brgy.13, Catbalogan, Samar
14. EV/31-Mar-05/Marissa Fabella/resident of Brgy.13, Catbalogan, Samar
15. EV/31-Mar-05/Charisse Fabella/resident of Brgy.13, Catbalogan, Samar
16. EV/31-Mar-05/Kulot Fabella/resident of Brgy.13, Catbalogan, Samar
17. EV/2-Apr-05/Alfredo Labong
18. EV/5-Apr-05/Sonny Quebada/resident of Brgy.San Andres, Catbalogan,Samar
19. EV/12-Apr-05/Oscar Cabacang/Anakpawis/Provincial Coordinator-Catbalogan, Samar
20. EV/22-Apr-05/Narciso Parani/resident of Brgy. Sinantan, Calbayog, Samar
21. EV/22-Apr-05/Jovito Velazco/resident of  Brgy. Sinantan, Calbayog, Samar
22. EV/22-Apr-05/Vedasto Mabini/resident of Brgy. Alejandria, Jiabong, Samar
23. EV/23-Apr-05/Alejo Saludario/resident of Brgy.Mabini, Catarman, Northern Samar
24. CL/24-Apr-05/Bernie Santos/resident of Sitio Pangarayunan, Brgy.Balaong, San Miguel,Bulacan
25. EV/27-Apr-05/Mr. Mabilangan/Brgy.Chairman of Brgy.Cambais, Motiong, Samar
26. EV/27-Apr-05/Mrs.Mabilangan/resident of Brgy. Alejandria, Jiabong, Samar
27. EV/3-May-05/Certain Poldo/resident of Brgy.Nawi, Paranas, Samar
28. EV/3-May-05/Amy Cabarles/employee of Samar Provincial Supply Office, Catbalogan, Samar
29. EV/3-May-05/Certain Ejercito/employee,Samar Provincial Supply Office, Catbalogan, Samar
30. EV/7-May-05/Roberto Babas/Brgy.Chairman of Brgy.Biri, Calbiga, Samar
31. NMR/7-May-05/Joel Amahan
32. NMR/7-May-05/Lolong Casil
33. NMR/7-May-05/Lowi Casil
34. NMR/7-May-05/Arnulf Casil
35. EV/21-May-05/Noel Labong/ resident of Brgy. Concepcion, Paranas, Samar
36. EV/21-May-05/Rogelio Ladisa/ resident of Brgy. Concepcion, Paranas, Samar
37. EV/21-May-05/Paquito Ladisa/ resident of Brgy. Concepcion, Paranas, Samar
38. EV/22-May-05/Lilencio Edosma/resident and peasant of Brgy. Calapi, Motiong, Western Samar
39. EV/30-May-05/Liklik Cabigayan/resident of Sitio Lourdes, Brgy.Old Manunka, Sta.Rita, Samar
40. EV/6-Jun-05/Alberto Mabag/resident and farmer of Brgy. Polangi, Calbiga, Western Samar
41. EV/16-Jun-05/Emelito Ocenar/resident of Brgy.Parasanon, Pinabacdao, Samar
42. EV/25-Sep-05/Julius Termo/resident of Brgy. Makatingog, Oquendo Dist., Calbayog City
43. EV/25-Sep-05/Naldito Centino/resident of Brgy. Makatingog, Oquendo Dist., Calbayog City
44. EV/21-Nov-05/Marivic Macawile/Member, Bayan Muna, Kadamay
45. EV/21-Nov-05/Bernardo Lantajo
46. CL/12-Dec-05/Edwin Nuqui/tricycle driver


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