PAKISTAN: Christians observe black day 

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A Statement from Pakistan Christian Post forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission

PAKISTAN: Christians observe black day

Karachi: August 12, 2010. (PCP) 20 million Pakistani Christians and Pakistani Christian Diaspora in Europe and Canada observed “Black Day” on August 11, 2010, with organizing rallies, protests and prayer gathering demanding repeal of blasphemy law and to stop killing of innocent Christians in Pakistan.

The government of Pakistan have announced to celebrate August 11, as Minority Day in year 2009, but it was marked as “Black Day” by Christians on atrocities against them by government legislation and attacks on their properties and lives from Islamic extremist groups under supervision of Punjab government.

Like year 2009, government and Federal Minorities Ministry run by Shahbaz Bhatti, a selected and imposed by Pakistan Peoples Party PPP failed to hold any public rally in any city of Pakistan to celebrate “Minority Day”

Shahbaz Bhatti only issued a message on this day and used few Hindu groups to organize indoor dinners which were attended by few Christian leaders who are beneficiary of present government.

The protest rallies were held in Lahore, Multan, Faisalabad and other cities of Pakistan by different organizations to observe “Black Day”

The Pakistani Christian Diaspora protest in front of Pakistani Missions in London, Hague, Toronto and Alberta raising play cards to stop killing Christians and to repeal blasphemy law.

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