PAKISTAN: Human rights violations in Balochistan during the months from January to April 2012 

A Statement from Baloch Students Organisation Azad forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission

The Baloch Student Organisation Azad (BSO-Azad) has documented the cases of alleged extra judicial killings of disappeared persons from January to April 2012, who according to BSO Azad were abducted by the persons from military or state intelligence agencies. Following is the text of the statement from BSO;
January 1, Balochistan: Brutally tortured and bullet-ridden bodies of three abducted Baloch youths were found from Dasht, Quetta and Turbat towns of Balochistan.

According to the details, body of Babu Saleem Badini, a resident of Mach town, was found in Dhori area of Dasht, on the first day of year 2012. The victim was abducted around a month ago from Quetta. Eyewitnesses reported that victim’s body bore sign of brutal torture and he was shot in the head. The wounds suggested that he had been subjected to severe torture before being shot dead.
Separately, a tortured body was found dumped in Eastern Bypass near BC complex in Quetta. According to eyewitnesses, the body was blind folded and his hands were tied behind the back. The body was later shifted to hospital for identification, where he was identified as of Wazir Khan Marri a resident of New Kahan, Quetta. Mr. Marri owned a small general store in Hazar Ganji Bus stand and was abducted by Pakistan Army in September 2011 from his shop.

January 3, Turbat: A mutilated dead body was found from Turbat. According to the details, locals found a bullet riddled body from Kherabad area of Lalein, in Turbat. Victim’s body was shifted to a local hospital, where he was identified as Jameel s/o Mulla Abdul Samad, a resident of Kantidar Dasht. He body bore signs of extreme torture.

January 4, Winder:  Two brutally tortured bullet riddled bodies of previously abducted Balochs were found from Winder and Dera Allahyar towns of Balochistan.

The first body appeared in Winder area of District Lasbela. The bullet wounds were visible on victim’s forehead and face. Later, the police shifted the body to local hospital, where his identity came to be known by a chit found from his pocket, which stated his name, Mohammad Murad s/o Abdul Lateef, a resident of Allahabad in industrial town of Hub.

Separately another bullet riddled body of a Baloch missing person was found from Dera Allahyar. The victim was identified as Abdul Sattar Bugti. He was under the custody of Pakistan Army.

January 4, Dera Bugti: Pakistan Army killed two Baloch farmers. According to the reports, the Pakistan’s paramilitary force F.C. opened indiscriminate fire on Baloch farmers of Bugti tribe in Sangseela area of Dera Bugti, resulting in the death of two farmers.

Pakistan Army abducted an activist of Baloch National Movement (BNM) from Balochistan’s coastal town of Gwadar. According to the reports, armed men of Pakistan Army abducted Haneef Baloch, when he was sitting beside a transport company in Gwadar city. Haneef Baloch is a resident of Baloch ward, Gwadar.

January 8, Naseerabad: Pakistan began an offensive in Peromal area of Nasirabad and abducted several Balochs including Nabi Buksh, Kafi Baloch, Aachar Baloch, Amir Buksh and Nokaaf Baloch. The abducted men were taken to undisclosed location, where they will face severe torture and might even be killed like hundreds of other abducted Balochs.

January12, Dera Bugti: Pakistan Army raided several houses in Doda Tiba area of Dera Bugti and indiscriminately fired at the residents. As a result of firing, an 80-year-old man Haywaan Bugti was murdered, and around a dozen people were abducted. Pakistani forces looted valuables during the search operation and took away four tractors and two motorcycles, while set many houses ablaze.

January14, Chagai: Two bullet-riddled bodies were found from Chagai district of Balochistan. The dead bodies were found in Ameenabad and Yak Mach areas of Chagai and were shifted to Civil Hospital in Dalbandin to ascertain their identities. Both the victims had bullet wounds on their chests and heads, which is why it was not possible to determine their identity.

January16, Uthal: Pakistani army dumped mutilated bullet riddled body of a missing Baloch activist. The dead body was recovered near Lyari Coastal Highway, some 25km away from Uthal. A note found from the body’s front pocket stating name and address of the dead identified the dead body. According to details, the body was identified as Wazeer Khan Marri’s, aged 35. The body had two bullet marks on head, which seemed to be shot from a very close range. The body also had marks of severe tortures. Mr. Marri was abducted by Pakistani army, brutally tortured, killed and dumped just like hundreds of other Baloch activists who recently became victim of Pakistan’s kill & dump policy.

January 16, Mashkel: Yet another bullet-riddled body was found from Mashkel area of Balochistan. The body was severely tortured, thus it was not possible to be identified.

January 17, Kohistan Marri: Several people died and many injured as a result of a fresh military offensive in Kohistan Marri region. According to the details, Pakistan Army initiated a fresh offensive in Chaap, Kujul, Berg Sham and several other adjoining. Gunship helicopters, fighter jets and heavy artillery were used on the villagers. Several houses were hit during this indiscriminate bombardment, among which the house of Sohrab Khan Marri was badly damaged. All the inhabitants of the house including Sohrab Marri died as the house was leveled to the ground by shelling and bombing.

January18, Kohistan Marri: Heavy bombardment in Kohistan Marri was carried out by Pakistan Army, leaving 20 civilians dead, including women and children, and several others were injured. Cluster and Napalm bombs were used over civilian population. Dozens were blindfolded and taken to unknown places by the military personnel.

Pakistani army helicopter gunships and fighter jets bombarded several villages in Chamalang area of Kohistan Marri including Bahlul, Chajbala, Shahelcham, Khujal, Annar and Chechand. According to latest reports, the areas are still under siege and victims are suffering from worse human crisis as the wounded are left dying without any medical help.

January19, Dera Ghazi Khan: Pakistani intelligence agencies abducted five men who were wounded in Kujul and Chaap bombardment. According to details, Pakistani security forces raided a hospital in Dera Ghazi Khan and illegally detained five injured men.   Local sources say that the men were injured during the military’s bombardment in Kujul, Chaap and surrounding areas of Balochistan. The people illegally detained were Abdul Rasheed, Saddam, Abdul Razzaq, Eidu and yet another person, whose name could not be identified.

January 26, Gawadar: The Iranian naval forces opened  fire on seven innocent Balochs due to which they all died on the spot. Iran has always been involved in such murders of the innocent Balochs. Due to such measures by Iran and Pakistan, families living on both sides of the borders do not get to meet each other for years.

January 28, Dera Bugti: Pakistan Army initiated a brutal offensive in Bugti areas of Balochistan. Pakistan military is conducting a wide operation with the help of Gunship helicopters and fighter jets in Sui, Gopat, Pirkoh, Uch and adjacent areas. The ground troops besieged the entire civilian population of the area. The forces indiscriminately fired on civilians, followed by the hours of shelling on villages by the gunship helicopters, while fighter jets heavily bombarded the areas. As a result, high numbers of causalities were reported. Three including a woman died, while more than 15 locals were seriously injured.

Januray 29, Buleda: Pakistan Army abducted two Balochs from Buleda and they were shifted to an undisclosed location, their names are Habib Baloch and Qayum Baloch.

Hub Chowki: Pakistan Army abducted Shah Muhammad Baloch. The victim was the president of Baloch Republican Party Hub zone.

January 30, Dera Bugti: Military offensives continue unabated in Balochistan and occupying forces violated the privacy of many houses during late night raids in Dera Bugti, Balochistan. Pakistani security forces harassed residents of the houses including Women, children and aged-persons. Five Baloch namely Zafar Baloch, Murad Ali, Haizo Baloch, Jumma Baloch and Hammal Baloch were abducted during the raids, and forces shifted them to an undisclosed location where it is feared they will be subjected to inhuman tortured or even killed and dumped like hundreds of other Baloch political activists.

January 31, Karachi: Baloch Leader Brahamdagh bugti’s sister and niece along with their driver were gunned down at Gizri Bridge, Karachi. Zamu Domki, her daughter Jana Domki and driver Barkat Baloch, were returning home at their DHA based resident from a wedding when intelligence agencies of Pakistan ambushed them.

February 3, Khuzdar: Pakistan Army shot dead tribal elder and Khuzdar Traders Union’s former President Muhammad Ramzan Zehri, and injured three of his companions in Kanak area of Khuzdar. Haji Mohammad Ramzan was the father of, the young member of BSO-Azad Shaheed Majeed Zehri (Age 13) who was abducted last year and later his bullet-ridden body was found in Khuzdar.

February 4, Sibi: Pakistan military’s indiscriminate firing on peaceful protesters in Sibi resulted in the deaths of three, and injured seven protestors. Pakistan Army opened indiscriminate fire on peaceful protesters in Sibi town of Balochistan, a large number of people were on the Sindh-Balochistan Highway near Nari Bridge in Sibi district during the strike called by Baloch Republican Party (BRP). A large number of people was peacefully protesting against the targeted killing of Brahamdagh Bugti’s sister and niece along with their driver in Karachi by Intelligence agencies of Pakistan.

February 6, Marwar: Pakistan Army abducted four Baloch women along with six children. According to the reports, four women along with six children were abducted by the Frontier Corps (FC) and secret agencies while they were travelling from Marwar to Quetta on a passenger van.

February 9, Dera Bugti: Pakistan has started a fresh brutal military operation in several areas of Dera Bugti. Pakistan Army completely besieged the areas of Zenkoh, Loti, Mohanpat, Pir Suhri, Marav and other adjacent areas of Dera Bugti.
Pakistan’s Gunship helicopters also participated in this military offensive against the Baloch civilians. There were reports of heavy shelling on towns and villages. A schoolteacher namely Ameer Buksh Bugti died as result of the constant shelling by Pakistan Army.

All the routes to enter the towns were completely blocked by the military and any access for medical teams to rescue the victims or provide them First Aid were denied, neither was the media allowed to report the exact situation on ground.

February 11, Karachi: Pakistan Army abducted yet another Baloch from Karachi named Waja Jan Muhammad Marri, he was taken to an undisclosed location. It must be added that according to Asian Human Rights Commission, Pakistan Army runs 52 secret torture cells all over Pakistan.

A fresh military offensive was carried out in several surrounding areas of Dera Bugti and there are reports of that several people were murdered or abducted. Exact numbers could not be verified due to the closure of communication systems in the area by the Army. US congressional Hearing on Balochistan has triggered Pakistan military to accelerate their brutal offensives in Balochistan, particularly in Dera Bugti. Military operation has been initiated in Zamurdan, Jatero Rekho, Zenkoh, Pirkoh, Toba, Marav, and Hairden pat areas of Dera Bugt.

Mir Ahmad Bugti and two children were murdered and at least ten tribesmen were abducted during the new offensives in Toba area of Dera Bugti. The lives of the abducted men are in grave danger, as it is feared that military forces will torture them to death like hundreds of other abducted Baloch activists across Balochistan.

February 12, Quetta: A bullet-riddled body was found near Hanna area of Quetta and was shifted to BMC (Bolan Medical Complex). The victim was later identified as 20 years old Saeed Ahmad Marri S/O Lal Khan Marri a resident of Margat Balochistan. According to family sources Mr Marri was abducted by the military intelligence two weeks ago from Marget, during a search operation in the area.
February 13, Murghaap: The brutally tortured and riddled with bullets body of a  famous B.R.P. leader was found near Murghaap area of Turbat, Balochistan.
Sana Sangat, former Vice Chairperson of Baloch Student Organisation (Azad), was abducted by Pakistan army on December 7, 2009, from Kolpur area of Bolan District, some 50 kilometers from Quetta. His whereabouts remained unknown until his body was found.

Sangat Sana Baloch was a member of the Central Committee of the Baloch Republican Party (BRP).

According to Eyewitnesses, Baloch’s body bore signs of extreme torture and bullet wounds. His stomach was ripped which illustrates the savageness of Pakistan’s Islamic Army.

February 13, Occupied Balochistan: Four more martyred bodies of abducted Baloch were found from Quetta, Hub and Chagai areas of Balochistan.

According to the sources, two tortured and bullet-ridden bodies were found dumped near Lasbela town of Balochistan. The bodies were identified as Bakshi Khan Bugti and Jan Muhammad Marri. Both men were said to be residents of Lasbela. Jan Mohammad Marri was abducted on 11 Feb 2012 from Karachi whereas Mr Bugti was whisked away from Lasbela around three months ago. The families of the victims have said that Pakistan Army is responsible for the abduction and killing of their loved ones.

Earlier locals recovered a mutilated body of a missing person from the Pak-Afghan border area of Chagai on Sunday. According to the locals, the decomposed body was dumped in a deserted area. A Levies team reached the site after receiving a tip-off and took it into custody. The body was sent to a nearby hospital, where deceased was identified as Mir Khan Chah, who was reported missing 20 days ago.

A Baloch youth Abdul Ghaffar also went missing.

February 16, Khuzdar: Pakistan Army murdered another well-known trader Hafiz Abdul Qadir in Jilani Chowk, Khuzdar district of Balochistan. Hafiz Abdul Qadir was buying vegetables on the Jinnah Road near Jilani Chowk when the personnel of the Army opened fire at him, killing him instantly. According to eyewitnesses, two persons riding a motorcycle target killed Hafiz Abdul Qadir, and the killers were seen straight going to an Army camp after committing the brutal murder.

February 16, Mastung: Pakistan army abducted two more Baloch activists from Mastung area and transferred them to an undisclosed location. The number of murders committed under Pakistan Army’s custody has crossed the figure of 400.

February 18, Marri Bolk: Pakistan Army abducted two Balochs from their jobs; the whereabouts of both the abductees are unknown.

February 20, Panjgur: Pakistan’s security agencies murdered two Baloch activists in Panjgur district of Balochistan. According to details Faraz Karim Baloch and Faisal Bashir Baloch were stopped at a police check point while they were on their way home. After the exchange of harsh words between the Police and the two Baloch activists the frustrated Pakistan police could not hold their anger and let it out on the Baloch activists by shooting them dead on the spot. Faraz Karim was the Panjgur district information secretary of Baloch Republican Party (BRP).

February 22, Iranian Occupied Balochistan: The military of Iran raided the house of a well-known Baloch named Abdullah and murdered him along with his wife and their three children. Pakistan and Iran continue to compete each other for having an edge on human rights abuses.

February 23, Karachi: The Voice of Baloch Missing Persons Vice Chairman, Qadeer Baloch, who had been on a hunger strike in front of the Karachi Press Club for two months, was picked up along with two other activists Mohib Baloch and Ishaq Baloch by Sindh police, and detained for several hours before being released later.

February 29: Within 24 hours, three Balochs were shot dead; six Balochs forcefully disappeared while bodies of 2 were recovered from different areas of Balochistan. This seemingly unending wave of violence is being committed by Pakistan in Occupied Balochistan.

Khuzdar: According to the details, two young Baloch students were gunned down by the brutal Pakistan Army in broad daylight in the district Khuzdar of Balochistan. Abdul Waheed Baloch (who turns 20 today on 29th February) and Salman Baloch (21) were on their way home from a cell phone franchise when they were intercepted and shot dead by alleged gunmen of Baloch Musalla Diffa Tanzeem, a death squad operated by Pakistan Army to target kill and abduct the educated and the more socially active class of the Baloch society. . Abdul Waheed was the younger brother of Kabir Baloch, who went missing on 27 March 2009 and is still in custody of Pakistan Army.

Whereas Bilal Bangulzai, nephew of Khuda Rahim Bangulzai, who too was a victim of Pakistan army’s genocidal, acts in Balochistan, was the third victim who was shot dead by the Pakistan army. Bilal Bangulzai while trying to escape an attempt of being forcefully disappeared by Pakistan army in Quetta was fired upon and he could not survive the wounds. While two of his friends who were accompanying him were taken away by the forces and were shifted to an unknown place.

Pasni; Among the six forcefully disappeared included Abdul Wajid Baloch, a marine science student and a columnist at Daily Tawar, Asaap and Intekhab. He is also the cousin of Baloch Republican Party’s Sher Muhammad Baloch who was formerly torture murdered by Pakistan army. Abdul Wajid was abducted while he was on his way to Uthal University from his hometown Mand, his vehicle was stopped at Pasni zero point by Pakistan army and he was forcefully taken away to an unknown location.

Similarly three other Balochs, whose names couldn’t yet be verified, were abducted from Chatan Pati area in Jaffarabad. They were travelling in a public wagon, when the wagon was stopped by plain clothed men bearing modern arms, who identified themselves as personnel of Intelligence agencies. The plain clothed men asked for the identities of every passenger present and then forcefully took the three away with them, the men also threatened the passengers of dire consequences if they disclosed the incident publicly.

Chagai and Mastung: Meanwhile, two dead bodies were found, each from Chagai and Mastung. The body found in Chagai was 20 days old and barely recognizable, and was shifted to Prince Fahd Hospital Dalbanden for identification. Whereas the second body was of a person who was presumably someone above 50 years of age, his body bearing signs of severe torture was found from the Dasth area of Mastung and was shifted to Civil Hospital Quetta.

March 1, Quetta: Pakistan Army raided the houses in Goharabad area of Saryab region in Quetta. The forces violated the sanctity of houses and harassed women and children. Seven men and three children were arrested and shifted to an unknown location(s). The arrested men have been named as Amir Khan, Mir Jan Baloch, Balak Sher, Mohammd Sher, Lal Douran (10 years old), Gull Mir, Hazar Khan, Mazar Khan, Javed Khan (10 years old) and Haneef Khan (8 years old).

March 2, Winder: Pakistan army killed and dumped three more Balochs.
The three dead bodies found, which were later identified, and were among those listed in the Baloch missing persons. The first dead body was of Abdul Rehman who was a local of District Lasbela. Abdul Rehman had torture marks on his body & was shot at a point blank range.

Dasth: The second body was of a tribal head & was identified as Takri Rahim Dad Nichari, according to report Takri Rehim Dad went missing on 19th of December 2011 from Bolan, and his dead body was found from Dasht area of District Mastung. The third body, which was also found from Mangochar area of District Mastung, was of Muhammad Hussain.

March  3, Naseerabad: Tortured body of another missing Baloch was found from Notal region of Naseerabad. The body was identified as that of Abdul Gahaffar Bangulzai, who was inhumanly exposed to torture and later to death; he was a resident of Bhaagh. Abdul Ghaffar was abducted on February 13 when he was on his way to Sibi from Bhaagh.

3rd March, Dera Bugti: Bodies of four political activists of pro-freedom Baloch Republican Party were found in Pirkoh area of Dera Bugti. The victims were identified as Zahro Thagiya, Lanbo Nohak, Mangal Zahro and Rahim Buksh. They were abducted and brutally murdered by the Pakistan Army.

6th March, Occupied Balochistan: Pakistan’s security forces continue offensives in RD 238, Goranari and other adjacent areas of Jaffarabad, Naseerabad and Sui, Dera Bugti. There were reports of burning of houses and standing crops and indiscrimination harassment of unarmed civilians, including women and children.

6th March, Dera Bugti: Three villagers were assassinated and dozens abducted during the offensives launched by Pakistan army. The abducted include three women and three children. The abducted women have been named as Janjari Bibi, Sabahi and Patoli whereas the childrens’ names are Sewa son of Noor Hassan (9 years old), Bacha S/O Jumma Baloch, Wazera daughter of Noor Hassan. The victims belong to the same family.

8th March, Dera Bugti: Four men with their wives and three children have been abducted by Pakistan Army in Singsela area of Dera Bugti and Quetta, Balochistan

The abducted people have been named as Merzar, Wazeer Khan, Mandi and Dito along with their children and wives who’s Name are Shali, Losha, Khaira Bibi. Sources reported that Wazeer Khan’s family was abducted from a hospital in Quetta.

11th March: A previously unknown group calling itself “Baloch Warna Ittahad (Unity of Baloch Youth) ” has threatened to target kill the activists of BSO-Azad and other pro-liberation Baloch political parties.

The group strongly condemned a TV interview of Sohaib Mengal, the International representative of Baloch Student Organisation (Azad). Sohaib is a student, writer and a political activist who has been constantly writing in support of Baloch freedom movement on social media and Pakistani mainstream newspapers. The group has also claimed killing three Bugti tribesmen and threatened to target kill activists of Baloch freedom seeking political parties. The newly born Pakistan proxy group’s spokesman Raheem dad warned members of pro-freedom Baloch parties to keep away from freedom movement otherwise they will be target killed.

March 13, Dera Bugti: The badly decomposed bullet riddled body of Sabzal Bugti s/o Haqdad Bugti was finally handed over to the family members for burial. Sabzal Bugti was murdered two weeks ago by the Pakistan Army near their check post situated in Peersuri area of Pirkoh in district Dera Bugti. Since last two weeks, the dead body of Sabzal Bugti was lying at FC check post but Pakistan Army did not let the family members to take away the body of Sabzal Bugti.

March 14, Dera Bugti: Pakistan Army bombed several villages near Sui and Dera Bugti, Scores of civilian casualties were reported. Gunship Helicopters, heavy weaponry and fighter jets were employed to bombard the area.
Pakistan’s military have accelerated its offensive in several adjoining areas of Dera Bugti, at least 12 people died, the victims include women and children. Pakistan military abducted dozens of Bugti Tribesmen and took them to undisclosed locations.

The people murdered, during the bombardment were Hangal Bugti, Wadera Abdul Rehman Goddaa, Band Ali, Gull Mohammad, Durro Bugti, Karim Bux Bugti, Barri Bugti, Janar and Jalal Khan Bugti.

March 15, Mand: Pakistan Army launched another military offensive in Mand area of occupied Balochistan. Raids are being carried out in schools and houses of Balochs, meanwhile the forces have harassed Baloch women and children and have abducted three Balochs, one of them named as Wahid Abdul Qadir and the names of the other two Balochs are not known.

March 23, Quetta: Pakistan Army abducted a Marri Baloch trader from his shop in Saryab area of Quetta, Balochistan. According to the details, the concerned family of Mazar Marri have said that personnel of Pakistan Army abducted him while he was sitting in his shop and he was previously abducted twice.

March 23, Karachi: Pakistan police and rangers launched a major operation in Baloch populated areas of Karachi mainly Lyari and has arrested more than 12 people and many casualties were reported due to the operation. The operation is said to be carried out against the criminal elements, however the operation is only limited to Baloch areas and the arrested people were not produced in any court, and were illegally detained.

March 24, Quetta: Pakistani intelligence agency ISI has been continuously threatening the Baloch journalists to stop their duties otherwise they would be in danger. It must be added that Pakistan is one the most dangerous countries for journalists and journalists particularly reporting on Balochistan have previously been subject to threats and have also been murdered. No international Journalist is allowed to visit areas of Balochistan without prior Army’s permission; even this permission is always limited to Quetta only.

March 27, Balochistan: Occupying forces of Pakistan have extended the ongoing military operations across Balochistan and to many Baloch populated areas of Sindh.

March 31, Mastung: Pakistan Army’s kill and dump policy continues in Balochistan. They murdered another abducted Baloch under their illegal custody after severe torture. According to reports, a bullet-riddled dead body, later identified as Din Muhammad Pirkani, was found in Dasht area of Mastung.

According to local sources, on a tip-off that a dead body is laying in Tera Mill area of Mastung district, the locals rushed to the site and moved the body to hospital where the deceased was identified as Din Muhammad Pirkani.

April, 1 Lasbela: Pakistan Army abducted three Baloch youths from Winder and Sibi towns of Balochistan. According to the reports, a member of Baloch Student Organization (BSO-Azad), Mehrab Baloch was abducted by from Sibi town of Balochistan. Whereas, two other Balochs namely Dilmurad Marri 28, and Murad Ali 42, were abducted from Winder Town when they were travelling on a passenger van from Karachi towards their residential town of Jaho in Awaran District.

April 5, Dera Bugti: The mutilated dead body of Sabzal Bugti was recovered from Peer Soohri darbar area of Dera Bugti, Balochistan. Mr. Bugti was abducted some time ago during a raid on his house by Pakistan army, and was murdered under custody.

April 6, Mastung: Two mutilated dead bodies were found from the Kanak area of Mastung. The bodies were initially taken to a nearby state-run hospital in Mastung and later shifted to Provincial Sandman Hospital Quetta for autopsies. Where the bodies were identified as of Abdul Manan and Rahees Raisani. Both Balochs were abducted by Pakistan Army and were later killed in illegal custody after brutal torture.

April 8, Barkhan: Pakistan Army started a military offensive against the Marri and Bugti tribesmen on Saturday morning in the surrounding areas of Barkhan district.

Pakistan Army intensified their offensives in adjoining areas of District Barkhan, during the offensive military resorted to use indiscriminate firing and shelling. The military also set ablaze standing crops of poor farmers and abducted over two dozen people.

Eleven people from abducted men have been named as Rahim Bux, Taj Mohammad, Shero Marri, Razi Marri, Zahro Marri, Mitha Marri, Abdul Rahim, Alohan Marri, Lala Marri, Nazar Khan and Raza Khan Marri. All the named abducted people belong to Marri Bohri and Makhmaar, two Marri Baloch populated regions of district Barkhan, Balochistan.

April 11, Khuzdar: Two dead bodies of previously abducted Baloch activists were discovered from Khuzdar district of Balochistan. The dead bodies were lying dumped in Lakhurain area of Khuzdar and were identified as of Abdul Wahab resident of Zehri and Shah Nawaz resident of Peshk areas of Khuzdar. Both the victims were murdered by Pakistan Army. The bodies of both the victims had multiple bullet wounds.

April 11, Quetta: Whereas on the same day, the Pakistan army abducted two brothers namely Mohammad Khan Marri and Mohammad Nabi Marri. Both brothers are residents of Saryab Mills’s area of Quetta.

April 12, Dera Bugti: Pakistan Army in a military offensive killed eight unarmed Baloch civilians including women and children, in Dera Bugti. Whereas, the army also abducted 12 villagers from the adjacent areas. The forces set ablaze the houses of the innocent Bugti tribesmen.

Meanwhile, Pakistan military has started a new offensive in Sangsela, Sartaaf, Bando, Jori, Kashi and adjoining areas of Dera Bugti.

April 14, Dera Allayar: The severely tortured dead body of Ali Raza Bugti was found alongside the Sindh Baluchistan National Highway in Dera Alla Yaar. The victim was shot dead, his chest and his forehead were shot with two bullets each.

In a separate incident, Pakistan Army murdered Rakhia Bugti, the Organizer of Baloch Republican Party, in Jaffarabad. Rakhia Bugti was arrested (abducted) by Pakistan army along with 10 other people from Goth Salahuddin Bahrani in March 2012, and on 13th of April, the body of Rakhia Bugti was found alongside the Jaffarabad Highway, the body bore signs of severe torture and had several bullet wounds.

April 15, Quetta: Two men namely Abdul Ghani Shahwani and Dadullah Baloch were shot dead in Western by-Pass area of Quetta. The two men were travelling to Quetta.

April 16, Dera Bugti: Pakistan Army consistently bombarded civilian populated areas of Dera Bugti with heavy artillery, gunship helicopters and well-armed ground troops. Pirkoh was the most affected area. The house of Gul Bahar Bugti along with several other houses was destroyed. His wife Khato Bibi and his child were killed, while another woman namely Aziza Bibi wife of Shakkal Bugti was severely wounded.

April 17, Khuzdar and Quetta: As the state of violence continues in Balochistan, two more dead bodies were found dumped in desolate places of Khuzdar and Quetta.

Regarding the dead body found in Tehsil Kararru area of Khuzdar, the victim was identified as Abdul Latif Jattak, resident of Mulla area of Khuzdar. Multiple bullet wounds were cited as the cause of death.

Meanwhile Quetta police in the Western Bypass area found another body. The victim’s identity could not be ascertained until this report was filed.

April 22, Khuzdar: unidentified armed men kidnapped two people from Naal area of Khuzdar district. Gunmen intercepted two men, Abdul Khaliq and Amir Bakhsh, near Ferozabad village of tehsil Naal, the two men were taken to an undisclosed location.

April 23, Pishin: Two bullet-riddled bodies that were found in Bostan area of Pishin District. Who were later identified as of Khan Mohammad Marri, a resident of Quetta and Jahangir Baloch. Both went missing few days before their callous murder.

The dead bodies bore multiple marks of torture and were partially mutilated.

According to eyewitnesses, Khan Mohammad Marri’s body had multiple marks of severe torture and electric shocks. Both of his ears were cut off, there were marks of cigarette burns everywhere on his body. His hands, legs, back, chest and other parts of body had signs of cuts from a sharp object and the cuts were filled with salt and pepper.

April 26, Kajori and Kuchlak:  Pakistan Army killed three more abducted Baloch youths under custody, and their bullet riddled bodies dumped in Kajori and Kuchlak area of Balochistan.

Two bullet-riddled bodies were found dumped in a desolate place near Kajori area of Musakhel district, the victims were identified as Nabi Baksh Baloch and Nadeem Ahmed Baloch. The bodies had multiple bullet wounds and torture marks, both victims were abducted sometime back by Pakistan Army.

Separately another bullet riddled body of abducted Baloch youth was found in Kuchlak area of Balochistan. The victim was identified as Sona Khan Bangulzai. He was abducted two months ago by Pakistan’s forces from Golimar Chowk area of Kili Brahmzai in Quetta.

April 26, Kohistan Marri: A major military offensive is underway in Kohistan Marri, the homeland for the Marri and Bugti tribes of Balochistan. The area which receives no attention in terms of health facilities, education and basic necessities of life such as drinking water (let alone clean), has been a main target of military offenses of Pakistan since March, 1948.

The areas that came under the indiscriminate bombardments included Tali Daman, Gazi Daman, Kadmo, Kahan Wadh and Chapi Kach. According to the reports, many people have fled their house and have taken refuge in mountains. Moreover, several casualties are suspected due to the high magnitude of the bombardments.

April 27, Turbat: Pakistan Army carried out an illegal raid on a house in Gebon, a rural area some 45 kilometers away from Turbat city. More than eight vehicles of FC and military intelligence agency (MI) assaulted the house at 4:00 am.

Four Baloch youngsters were murdered during the raid, their names are Mohammad Husain, Aslam Shahsawar, Adam Mayar and Ali Mohammed Baloch. Locals of Gebon have said FC has started raiding houses of common Baloch people and targeting the Baloch women and children. Entire area was under siege with army carriers and curfew was imposed. People were detained in their houses and all sorts of communication were cut off, while even police forces were banned to enter the area. Pakistan Army also abducted seven Baloch youths from the Gebon area.

April 29, Karachi: A New wave of operation and house-to-house harassment was initiated against the Baloch populated area, Lyari. Baloch people were seized inside their homes without any electricity, Food supplies, medical supplies, Childcare or Humanitarian aid. Four days of intense operation was being carried out and dates to stop it were not provided. The people were forced to live without food and other necessities, Many Balochs in the start of operation migrated to other localities of Baloch areas such as Jahangir Road, Taruline, Baloch Garden, Malir & Laluket.

The intensified operation to clear Lyari has taken a toll of lives, dozens of Baloch died while illegal arrest, torture & much causality were reported in three days, a mother who was accompanied by her daughter identified as Zainab Bibi Baloch said that her son was dragged out of the house and was taken away by police officials without any formal warrants and did not even care to explain the reason for the arrest.

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Document Type : Forwarded Statement
Document ID : AHRC-FST-031-2012
Countries : Pakistan,
Issues : Enforced disappearances and abductions,