THAILAND: Support for Thailand Democratization Protests

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The May 18 Memorial Foundation expresses solidarity with the young protesters in Thailand. We respect their peaceful call for greater democracy.

However, the Thai government, which has disbanded the pro-democracy party (FFP) early this year, is suppressing the peaceful demonstrators’ rights by arresting and intimidating them.
These young advocates are brave citizens who call for a free and fair society and are contributing to Thailand’s democratization. Their demands should be listened to and discussed by the government.

These calls for greater democracy in Thailand resonate with people in Korea, where students have been deeply involved in the process of democratization. Many of the young protestors in Korea lost their lives in the protests. This should not happen in Thailand.

A fully democratic society listens to the voices of all members. The Government in Thailand should respect the right to peaceful protest and stop resorting to violence.
Date: 22 September 2020

The May18 Memorial Foundation, Gwangju, South Korea
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