HONG KONG: The Statement of the Hong Kong Legal Profession香港法律界的聲明

On the night of July 21 in Yuen Long, we witnessed the most serious attack on the law and order in Hong Kong and civil liberties of the Hong Kong people in recent decades. A civilised society will not condone what happened to ordinary citizens of Hong Kong who had been subjected to organised violence by an armed mob. This is even more disturbing in light of circumstances which suggest, if not collusion, then a deliberate turning of a blind eye on the part of the Hong Kong Police Force (“the Police”).

We do not wish to draw such conclusions. However, these suspicions must be laid to rest. In these circumstances, the Hong Kong Legal Profession urges the Chief Executive to forthwith appoint a Commission of Inquiry under the Commissions of Inquiry Ordinance (Cap. 86) to launch a full and independent inquiry into the events that took place in Yuen Long and the apparent inaction on the part of the Police. What we saw in Yuen Long on July 21 was a blatant affront to the Rule of Law in Hong Kong and action must be taken immediately to restore confidence in the institution and the Police, both locally and internationally.

The response so far from the Hong Kong Government, and in particular, the Secretary for Justice has been wholly inadequate and lacking in substance.

Unfortunately, in light of these events, although, the Secretary for Justice no longer commands the trust and respect of the Hong Kong people, this statement is an open call for immediate action on the part of the Chief Executive, the Department of Justice and the Secretary for Justice, who is supposed to be the guardian of the public interest in Hong Kong.

We expect an immediate and full response from the Government, the Secretary for Justice and the Department of Justice. In the absence of an independent inquiry, there would be little alternative but to consider legal action against the Commissioner of Police and/or private prosecutions against the officers in charge for neglect of their duty in order to bring to light the reasons for the inaction of the Police.



特區政府 - 尤其律政司司長迄今的回應完全不足,亦缺乏實質內容。



發起人 Initiators:
陳景生 Chan King Sang Edward SC
梁家傑 Leong Kah Kit Alan SC
夏偉志 Harris Graham Anthony SC
彭耀鴻 Pang Yiu Hung Robert SC
潘熙 Pun Hei Hectar SC
查錫我 Char Shik Ngor Stephen
鄭瑞泰 Cheng Shui Tai
張達明 Cheung Tat Ming Eric
張惠儀 Cheung Wai Yee Betty
張耀良 Cheung Yiu Leung
關尚義 Clancey John Joseph
何俊麒 Ho Chun Ki Frederick
何俊仁 Ho Chun Yan Albert
郭憬憲 Kwok King Hin Douglas
林洋鋐 Lam Kenneth
廖成利 Liu Sing Lee Bruce 
文浩正 Man Ho Ching Jonathan
吳思諾 Ng Sze Nok Senia
潘淑瑛 Poon Suk Ying Debora
石書銘 Shek Randy Shu Ming
譚俊傑 Tam Chun Kit Jeffrey
韋智達 Vidler Michael John
黃鶴鳴 Wong Hok Ming Alan
王學今 Wong Huk Kam
黃國桐 Wong Kwok Tung Daniel 
黃瑞紅 Wong Shui Hung Linda
黃宇逸 Wong Yu Yat Anson
葉海琅 Yip Hoi Long Richard
阮陳淑怡 Yuen Chan Suk Yee Helena
郭榮鏗 Kwok Wing Hang Dennis

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