SRI LANKA: Lawyers Collective urges protection for lawyers 

The Lawyers Collective strongly condemns the assassination attempt on attorney-at-law Gunaratne Wanninayake and urges the Government to take all possible measures to prevent further such attacks. He is the convener of the Free March movement, a constituent group of the Lawyers Collective.

The Lawyers Collective views with grave concern the continuing trend in instigating adverse public opinion on lawyers and judges by the Government and its propaganda machinery which have been extensively and maliciously criticizing the lawyers and judges. Since the impeachment motion was moved in Parliament, they have been particularly targeting the lawyer activists in the network of the Lawyers Collective. The continuous verbal abuses on the lawyers in some of the state run media exposes lawyers for physical attacks.

The Rule of Law has deteriorated to such an extent that none of the law enforcement authorities are capable of investigating into or apprehending the attackers.

The Lawyers Collective urges the authorities to conduct an impartial investigation into the Wanninayake incident while assuring protection for lawyers, particularly those who stand up for independent judiciary.

Lawyers for Collective

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