SRI LANKA: Avaaz petition on Sri Lanka

Dear friends,

I wanted to make sure you’d all seen the petition Avaaz launched today on Sri Lanka

Based upon the response rate they will decide wether or not to launch a full blooded push to see how many signatures they can get in 24 hours. Either way this is a short sharp campaign lasting only 24 hours. So the more signatures and shares across social media we can get during this time the better.

And then on Friday the key Commonwealth Committee  CMAG will meet to discuss (in part) Sri Lanka. They will meet from 11 to 3 outside Malborough house and we understand there will be some kind of demonstration outside. Then the chair of CMAG will go straight into a press briefing arranged by the Institute of Commonwealth Studies – although she wishes to discuss Bangladesh rather than CMAG at that briefing.

We’ve put those details up on our blog as well as this excellent video the International Bar Association made about the crisis of justice in Sri Lanka:

Tomorrow we will be sending round some logos we have had made to protest against the Commonwealth summit. The idea is they will be completely non propitiatory: so you can use them as you see fit. It would be great if people could use them on websites, placards, twitter logos, facebook statuses etc….

I will send them out as soon as I have them.

All the best,

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