CHINA: Statement issued by the Legal Sub-Sector of the Election Committee in relation to the mass arrest, detention and disappearance of lawyers in China

A Press Release from (Legal) Election Committee of Hong Kong forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

We as members of the legal profession and as elected representatives of the legal sub-sector of the Election Committee are gravely concerned and alarmed at the mass arrest, detention and disappearance of lawyers in China.

Legal professionals all over the world have a duty to uphold the law, and protect the constitutional rights and freedoms of their clients. Lawyers should be protected and not persecuted for standing up for the rights of their clients. The frontal attack of lawyers as a target group is an assault on the law and the rule of law which is the cornerstone of any modern society.

We stand with our professional brothers and sisters across the border to demand that the constitutional rights of individuals be respected and that legal professionals be allowed to discharge their duty without fear.

Edward Chan, SC 
Stephen Char 
Jasmine Chau 
Cheng Shui Tai 
Eric Cheung 
Cheung Yiu Leung
John Clancey 
Philip Dykes, SC 
Graham Harris, SC 
Fred Ho 
Sidney Ho 
David Hui 
Dennis Kwok 
Lam Kin Man 
Philip Li
Bruce Liu 
Andrew Mak 
Jonathan Man
Debora Poon 
Hectar Pun, SC 
Randy Shek 
Sin Ping Ho 
Jeffrey Tam 
Herman Tang 
Michael Vidler 
Daniel Wong 
Linda Wong 
Alvin Yeung 
Richard Yip 
Helena Yuen






陳景生 查鍚我 周汝嘉

鄭瑞泰 張達明 張耀良

關尚義 戴啓思 夏偉志

何俊麒 何翹楚 許天福

郭榮鏗 林健文 李偉業

廖成利 麥業成 文浩正

潘淑瑛 潘熙 石書銘

冼秉浩 譚俊傑 鄧偉棕

韋智達 黃國桐 黃瑞紅

楊岳橋 葉海琅 阮陳淑怡

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

As a profession, we are gravely concerned and alarmed at the recent mass arrest, detention and disappearance of lawyers and their families in Mainland China. More than 100 lawyers have been targeted. 13 ex-Bar Chairmen, the Legal Sector Election Committee members, and the Hong Kong Bar Association have issued statements to condemn this latest crackdown on the legal profession (please see attached). The United Nations, and the UK Law Society have also issued statements to shown their deep concerns.

A worldwide signature campaign has been launched ( I would respectfully urge you to sign-up.

The rule of law cannot exist without a strong and independent legal profession. We stand with our fellow professionals across the border. They must be respected and be allowed to discharge their professional duties without fear.

This coming Friday evening (24th), I have organised a Friday Tea Gathering to discuss the PRC Legal System ( , with Mr. YL Cheung as the speaker. YL is a barrister and also a core member of the China Human Rights Lawyers Concern Group. No doubt members will be asking questions about the recent developments in the PRC, and the Mainland human rights lawyers who are still in custody.

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Document ID : AHRC-FPR-022-2015
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