PAKISTAN: Fishermen demand action against violators 

The poor fishermen community appealed to the government to ensure a strict action against the use of prohibited nets in Sindh marine water which has put juvenile fish stock at the verge of extinct.

Several fishermen from Ibrahim Hydri, Karachi, Sindh province, claimed that a number of influential people are still using prohibited nets in the marine water, not only challenging the writ of the state but also causing a great loss to the fish stock in Sindh water. The fishing industry has reached on the edge of the disaster. The century old industry has facing alarming situation due to violation of code of conduct set up by the government regarding the fishing. The fishermen’s representative bodies have claimed that the fish stock has depleted by 50 percent, while the exact figure could not be provided as there was survey carried out since early 80s.

The fishermen, due to shortage of fish stock, move toward to Balochistan, but they face difficulties because the Balochistan authorities had strictly implementing their rule and regulation regarding fishing.

Talking to The Nation, Sami Memon of Pakistan Fisher folk Forum PFF has pointed out that near 250 prohibited nets still set up in all big 17 creaks of marine water of coastal built of Ibrahim Hydri, Rehri, Sakro, KT Bander, Jati and other by the influential people, resulting in depleting fish stock. He added that such nets were prohibited to use for the survival of the fish species but the influential people have not implementing it.

Sami said that fishing on commercial basis and neglecting the traditional fishing system were also contributing a great caused of declining the fish stock in Sindh water. He said that due to changing of environment across the world, while the Sindh water is also being affected resulting in dying of a large quantity of fish. He emphasised on the need of concrete policies to tackle with the situation of the changing of climate.


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