CAMBODIA: Cambodia fails to respond to UN Human Rights Committee

A Press Release from Cambodian Center for Human Rights forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

On 17-18 March 2015, the UN Human Rights Committee reviewed the 2nd report of Cambodia regarding its implementation of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR).

Prior to the review, a group of national and international civil society organisations submitted their alternative reports to the Committee, while representatives of those organisations have also participated in formal and informal briefings with the Committee to highlight prevalent issues, [and] provide updates and clarifications to its members.

A number of concerns and questions were raised by the Committee in the interactive dialogue with the delegation of Cambodia including continuing impunity of law enforcement officers and security guards involved in human rights violations; restrictions of fundamental freedoms, including freedom of expression and assembly, particularly of human rights defenders; prison conditions and the treatment of persons deprived of liberty; torture, especially in places of detention and the use of forced confessions as evidence in courts; transparency and public consultation in the legislative process; and political interference in the judiciary, including the investigations conducted by the ECCC.

In their response, the efforts of the State party to implement the ICCPR and address these issues were stressed in general by the delegation of Cambodia. However, regrettably, substantial information was not provided, whilst many of the questions remained unanswered and some issues were denied, such as the lack of accountability for excessive use of force against demonstrators. In some instances, the delegation has even questioned the source of information referred to by the Committee.

The Committee had good understanding of human rights situation in Cambodia. It raised specific key issues to delegation of Cambodia to improve in constructive way,” noted Charya Chet, Executive Director of STAR Kampuchea.

Dr. Sakhonn Chak, the President of Khmer M’Chas Srok (KMS) said “I’m disappointed with the Cambodian delegation who did not address the questions raised by the UN Human Rights Committee in a constructive way. It is a missed opportunity to improve human rights and democracy in the common interest of Cambodian people.”

Senior Researcher of the Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR), Chor Chanthyda added “We urge the Cambodian delegation to offer additional specific information in the next 48h, as requested by the Committee, in order to reply to the many important questions that remained unanswered.”

The Committee is expected to adopt its concluding observations including recommendations to Cambodia by the end of March 2015, which the State party is obliged to implement in due course.

The 2nd report of Cambodia, as well as reports submitted by NGOs, [is] available at the websites of the Committee: ( and CCPR Centre (

Joint Press Release by:

Cambodian Human Rights Action Committee (CHRAC)

Cambodian Center for Human Rights (CCHR)

STAR Kampuchea

Khmer M’Chas Srok (KMS)

International Federation for Human Rights (FIDH) together with the Cambodian League for the Promotion & Defence of Human Rights (LICADHO)

World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT)

Centre for Civil and Political Rights (CCPR Centre)

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