SRI LANKA: Young Journalists Movement joins Black January journalists’ protest 

As young journalists in Sri Lanka we are concerned that the government that silenced one of the world’s deadliest terrorist groups is unable to apprehend the killers of one journalist, the abductors of another, or those who launched violent attacks on media institutions.

Today we are not in a position to speak the truth to the public as our liberty to write freely has been curtailed.

For these reasons we have decided to support the Black January protest campaign organized by the Alliance of Media Organizations. We request all young journalists and journalism students to take part in this protest campaign on 29th January at 2 pm at Lipton Circle.

The month of January has been nominated as ‘Black January’ in Sri Lanka by the Alliance of Media Organizations and its supporters. The campaign is a response to the attacks on the media that have occurred in the month of January in the past four years and the failure of the government to bring to account those responsible for attacks on numerous journalists whether in January or at other times of year. The campaign will also highlight the current lack of media freedom and threats to the rule of law in the country.

Sri Lanka Young Journalists Movement is a newly formed organization, with over 200 young journalists as members, which works towards to strengthen their relations with each other and develop a discussion among them on how to improve the quality of journalism in the country and safeguard the rights of journalists including the right to freedom of expression.


For More Information Please Contact Acting Conveners of Young Journalists Movement Azzam Ameen on 0773982699 and Manjula Basnayake on 0772981260

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