PAKISTAN: Open letter and press release to National Assembly’s Standing Committee on Human Rights & Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistan 

Dear friends,

The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) wishes to forward to you the following open letter from the Turi Bangash tribes of Parachinar, writing to the National Assembly’s Standing Committee and Chief Justice of Supreme Court.

Asian Human Rights Commission
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An Open Letter from the Turi Bangash tribes of Parachinar forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC)

We (the Turi Bangash tribes) of Parachinar, appreciate the step taken by National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights by calling Governor, Corps Commander Peshawar and other officials of Secrete Agencies to Parliament House on third week of November 2011 to explain HUMAN RIGHTS Violation & four years long Siege imposed on half millions people of Parachinar the under siege Pakistani Gaza. Here we want to give some eye opening Facts supported by proofs and Links from both International and National Media in honour of National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights as well as Chief Justice of Pakistan to take serious action. Proof is here in this report & link that Corps Commander & Governor as well as Intelligence officials were called on Parahinar road blockade for last four years.

Islamabad: The National Assembly Standing Committee for Human Rights in its … to call separate in-camera meetings on Parachinar issue and decided to call ., KP Governor, intelligence agencies and Corps Commander of Peshawar. …

First of all the recent peace agreement and opening of Thall Parachinar road by saying to implement Muree accord (taken place in October 2008) is just an effort by civil and military bureaucracy to deceive the masses especially National Assembly Standing Comiite on Human Rights so that they may say that they have opened the Thall Parachinar Road by mantling Peace. While ground realities are so that this so called recent Peace deal was also not implemented which took place on October9,2011 and according to it Thall Parachinar road will be opened within one week But when on October 16,2011 hundreds of Parachinaris willing to go to Peshawar in convey were retuned from AliZai lower Kurram by security forces saying threats due to Taliban hence in very first step it is failed. With addition to this Turi tribe passengers who were kidnapped by taliban after ambush on March 25,2011 in Bagan Lower Kurram in which tweleve were murdered on spot while seven persons by name coffins without bodies were sent later and rest kidnaped passengers were released after by taking millions of rupes ransom But ironically one of the kidnapped student named Qaiser Hussain S/O Shabir Hussain (who did M.Sc Physics from Peshawar University) is still missing and Taliban are asking three millions ransomed from his poor parents. Here Question arises according to new so caled Peace agreement in October 2011 by implementing Muree accord then Why the M.Sc degree talented students is still missing.Similarly in this new so called Peace agreement it was decided that army troops will be deployed througout Thall Parachinar road from Upper Kurram to lower Kurram But Ironically army troops were only deployed in Parachinar city which has ideal peace after the resistance and defeating the attacking Taliban militants from Wazirstan and Orakzai agency and other parts of FATA. While the numbers of army troops in Lower Kurram for protection of main Thall Parachinar road is almost nil the proof of which is Thursday Nov 3,2011 attack by Taliban militants on levy check post at Khar kalley Lower Kurram located on main Thall Parachinar road. Similarly some days ago once again at Bagan Lower Kurram militants Taliban and their local supporters attacked the Parachinari passenger’s coaches with stones by using abusive languages but here once again there was no army presence. Hence on one side this so called Peace agreement is try to deceive the masses especially National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights that Thall Parachinar road is Re opened on other side the deployment of hundreds of army men at Parachinar is an effort to shelter Haqani network from Waziristan to Parachinar as Naseer ullah Babar did same tactic in September 1996 by deployment of army in Parachinar city suddenly within week a brutal Taliban rule was established in Afghanistan including Kabul by using Parachinar strategic “Parrots beak ” importance. These brutal Taliban after implementing Taliban rule in Afghanistan attacked the border Turi bnangash tribes villages Borki & Pewar by murdering dozens Pakistanis including children and women and similar is the important Genocide and forcefully evictions of Turi bangash at Sadda Lower Kurram in 1982 in the hands of American CIA & Zia led Jihad. So after these facts when ever Taliban attacked Turi banagsh tribes all the state apparatus especially security forces are silent spectators therefore we cannot be sacrificed goats once again in this game.

Proof is Daily Times Analysis in Link here title ;

Kurram: the forsaken FATA.

It is worth mentioning that in Parachinar in all Government Schools and even private Schools Pakistani anthem is played every morning,14th August is celebrated regularly and Security Forces (army/FC) can move and travel in Parachinar without weapons ,Parachinar is exceptional place in FATA where no attack and suicide occurred on security places while in rest of FATA security forces are kidnapped, killed and suicide attacks are done and even in their government schools anti Pakistan anthem are played then Why such step mother treatment with Parachinaries.It is time that National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights should ask the concern authorities.

Here we are giving SOME LINKS AND EYE OPENING PROOFS to National Assembly Standing Committee on Human Rights as well as Chief Justice in the form of different Links from print and electronic media that how patriotic Turi Bangash people of Prachinar are facing state terrorisim.Becuase When during probe and investigations of twin brother murder cases in Sialkot,Rangers killing a young boy in Karachi and for killings of women and children at Akhroatabad the involved black sheep of security forces like Col Faisal of FC receive punishment and termination then WHY the involved black sheeps especially Col Majeed of FC(in whose presence Taliban burnt kidnapped and beheaded Turi Banagash Passengers at Sadda in June 2008 But he was silent ,video link attached below as proof) and Col Sajjad of FC in whose presence

In January this year (2011), a convoy of 24 trucks carrying food supplies, medicines and provisions for Upper Kurram was looted and then torched near the village Durrani, near Sadda in Lower Kurram. The Kurramis hold a Colonel Sajjad responsible for this attack on the convoy, which, ostensibly, was under the protection of the Kurram militia FC, to bring them to the negotiating table with the Taliban-Haqqani network.

While No Action had taken yet against Col Majeed and Col Sajjad and even they were promoted to higher ranks is the best proof of state Terror HUMAN RIGHTS Violation.

Link for FC Col Sajjad negligence Proof from Daily Times.

Link(Video proof) of FC Col Majeed negligence and silent spectator Role during Taliban brutaility and some other proofs of Taliban attckes and brutaility against Parachinar.

Links and proof showing that Thall Parachinar Road closer is source of Income for both Taliban militants and security forces who receive illegal money(bhatta) from Parachinaires.

IRONICALY Even FC Commandant started running of Cable TV Network business by promoting Indian Vulguar TV Channels(exceptional case in country just for Parachinar) in year 2008 still continue when they failed to conquer Parachinar from Waziristan attacking Taliban after resistance by brave and patriotic youth belonging to Turi Bangash tribes, now it seems that Commandant FC want to destroy Parachinaris Youth in this way But he will be faild this time too(it is worth mentioning people of Parachinar are not against TV & Media such as Taliban But We will not allow conspiracy and our youth moral destruction in the name of Indian vulgarity).It seems that both Taliban and FC want to attack the Educated Youth of Parachinar(Because besides ideal peace in Parachinar education and literacy ration is equal to Islamabad )especially Students ,64 students are slaughtered and beheaded by Taliban militants while one student Qaiser Hussain( physics kidnapped at began lower kurram on March 25,2011 still missing).

Links Proof of beheading and slaughtering 64-students belonging to Parachinar on main thall parachinar road by taliban besides 1400 Parachinaris men & women murdered and more than 50000 injured in Resistance against Taliban militants since April 2007 during last four & half years.

Link showing Recent so called deal and is to protect fleeing Haqani network from wazirstan.

EVEN this fact was disclosed earlier by martyred Journalist Saleem Shahzad in his Asia Times Article on June 30,2010 ,Link & proof attached.

Similarly Daily Times also showed thw whole game behind Siege of Parachinar and latest “Koh-e-Safeed” operation in Kurram by calling it “The sham operation in Kurram” in its Links below.

At last but not least we are providing eye opening HUMAN RIGHTS VIOLATION Report issued by Asian Human Rights Commission as the matter will be discussed by National Assembly standing Committee on HUMAN RIGHTS as sever Violations against Parachinar. AHRC & Al Jazeera Television Link here below.

We also demand the Chief Justice Supreme Court of Pakistn that he is requested to take so-moutive against the involved black sheeps with in security forces like Col Majeed and Col Sajjad of FC for above crimes and brutality by backing taliban millitants as silent spectator in murder and beheading of civilians (during official convey where Col Majeed and Col Sajjad of FC were responsible for protection of passengers and food items and medicines BUT ironically they did nothing) when militants burnt civilians and even millitants did not attacked neither said FC Cols nor FC vehicles??? As Chief Justice of pakistan has taken notice of Sialkot twin brothers murder ,Karachi Rangers killing youth and Akhrotabad FC Col faisal involvement, if National Assembly standing Committee on HUMAN RIGHTS faild in addressing the problems and miseries of Parachinari people who are facing sever Human Rights Violation from Last four years.

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