SRI LANKA: Demand from the Webmaster — for revealing the details of the ‘Colombo Editor’ 

With reference to the earlier statement relating to a publication by A WHO’S WHO OF SOME LTTE ACTIVISTS, OPPONENTS etc., PAST AND PRESENT the AHRC has written to the webmaster to reveal the author of the fabricated material. For further information on this issue please see: SRI LANKA: AHRC tells the Canada-based Sri Lankan intellectual to stop distribution of false and defamatory material and a death list at: and SRI LANKA: Dr. Chandre Dharma-Wardana admits to the publication of false and defamatory material and a death list at

The Webmaster —

Dear Sir,

I have received your reply to my complaint about false and defamatory material published under the title of Basil Fernando in the website named A WHO’S WHO OF SOME LTTE ACTIVISTS, OPPONENTS etc., PAST AND PRESENT. I have also seen the reply you have to sent to Wong Kai Shing, the executive director of the Asian Human Rights Commission.

While acknowledging your prompt reply and the action to publish the AHRC’s letter on your website let me categorically state that I do not consider the actions taken by you as adequate in comparison to the gravity of the transgressions committed by this publication and the damage caused to me.

I do not accept you claim that what you have published is based on internet publications. Even a quick search on Google using Basil Fernando gives 844,000 results as of this morning. None of those references will justify the false statements enumerated in detail in the Asian Human Rights Commission’s letter to you contained in your publication. Thus, even going by your claims the publication has transgressed basic standards. The statements made are deliberated fabricated and could have only been created by the imagination of some persons and not on the basis of any publications. The publication is therefore not at error but done with the deliberate attempt to cause damage to my reputation and to harm me in other ways.

You have asked for CV but you could have easily found it on the internet. For your ease of reference the link is as follows:

I demand an immediate withdrawal of all references to me on your website, and an unconditional apology to be published on the website immediately. Further I also demand the name and contact details of the Colombo Editor that you refer to in your email. If this editor is responsible for this defamatory fabrication you are under obligation to reveal the editors details. Further I have the right to confront this editor as to the reason for making such completely false allegations which have caused me immense damage and exposed me to great danger. I have the right to know the reasons that motivated this person/s for doing so.

As you claim to be a scientific publication you have no reason to withhold this information from me. I am particularly interested to know whether you are making this publication on behalf of any government agency or any other clandestine agency. If that is so you claim for publishing such material for public interest would be highly doubtful. Therefore you are under obligation to reveal the name of the author of such false publication who goes under the title of Colombo Editor.

As I have mentioned to you I intend to pursue this matter further, legally and otherwise and in those circumstances your failure to divulge the name of the source would indicate an intention on your part to engage in the support of the publication of such dangerous and defamatory material.

Further I am sure that I am not the only person who has been treated in this unfair manner by the publication of your website. May I request you to review your entire methodology followed in making such publications and review failures of obligations to maintain accuracy and the truth for the publications you have undertaken.

Thank you

Basil Fernando
Director Policy & Programmes

CC: Dr. Chandre Dharma-Wardana

Document Type : Statement
Document ID : AHRC-STM-003-2011
Countries : Sri Lanka,
Issues : Fabrication of charges, Human rights defenders,