ASIA: Weekly Roundup, Episode 35

Indonesia is the special focus for the 35th episode of Human Rights Asia Weekly Roundup.

Millions of Indonesians have cast their vote to choose the country’s next President. Competing in the election are two candidates, military man Prabowo Subianto and Jakarta Governor Joko Widodo. Official results will be announced on July 22, but a quick count has indicated a narrow victory for Widodo.

In Hong Kong, over 23,000 Indonesians gathered in Victoria Park to cast their vote. AHRC TV tracked the event. Many Indonesians standing in queue were left stranded, unable to exercise their right to vote. Disappointment led to a protest against the mismanagement.

Next on the programme is the meeting held by the AHRC and KontraS in Jakarta last week to discuss a plan of drafting an anti-torture bill in Indonesia. Several civil society organisations, as well as representatives of the Indonesian government, attended the meeting.

Lastly, AHRC TV focuses on Indonesia’s criminal justice system. Although it has been 18 years since the end of the Suharto military dictatorship, Indonesia’s criminal justice system is yet to be reformed so citizens can enjoy basic democratic freedoms.

Basil Fernando and Answer Styannes discuss the Indonesian Penal Code inherited from the Dutch colonial government in the 19th century and the Criminal Procedure Code enacted during Soeharto’s regime. Both the Penal Code and the Criminal Procedure Code do not comply with international rights standards and are in urgent need of reform.

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