ASIA: AHRC TV- Human Rights Asia Weekly Roundup Episode 17

The AHRC releases today the 17th Episode, of the Human Rights Asia Weekly Roundup(

In this week’s programme, we bring you stories from India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and Nepal and in our segment, Voices of Survivors, we talk to a survivor from Indonesia.

In a special feature from India we talk about India’s politics and the violence associated with it where almost every year, lives are lost, property worth millions is destroyed due to politically sponsored violence.

Also from Bangladesh, we bring you a story on how, how violence and politics are intertwined and how brutal attempts at killing, wounding, or permanently disabling persons have now become an integral part everyday politics in Bangladesh.

In Mannar, Sri Lanka, another mass grave is found. The new mass grave in Mannar was discovered by workers engaged in the extension of a road. Since the discovery of the body parts from many individuals in this mass grave, the matter has been brought to the notice of the area Magistrate who has taken charge of the investigations.

In Nepal, the state remains unresponsive to the missing person Chhori Maiya Maharjan , and once again the Kathmandu District Court has postponed the final hearing.

In news from Cambodia, the AHRC calls for the unconditional release of 23 detainees arrested for demanding an increase of the minimum wage. They were arrested by the Cambodian police and military in January this year. The detainees, being held in in Kampong Cham prison, were arrested from Yakjin Factory and Canadia Industrial Park for holding peaceful protests demanding an increase of their monthly minimum wage by USD 80.

Lastly in Voices of Survivors: this week we focus on Indonesia we talked to Yeni, a relative of Yusli who was physically assaulted and shot to death by three police officers in December 2011.

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