BANGLADESH: Arbitrary detention and torture of Dr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir

Dear Friends,  We are forwarding you an appeal from the South Asia Forum for Human Rights (SAFHR) based in Nepal regarding the arbitrary detention and torture of Dr. Mohiuddin Khan Alamgir.  According to SAFHR, Dr. Alamgir has been in detention for one month without any formal charge and has been continuously subjected to torture. Please […]

UPDATE: The 19th Open Letter on the Issues Regarding Fr. Pallath’s Case

Dear Friends,  We would like to send you a copy of the 19th open letter sent by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) to the Jesuit superior general in Rome regarding Fr. Pallath’s case.  Readers are encouraged to write to the Jesuit superior general and call for an inquiry into Fr. Pallath’s case.  For further […]

UPDATE (INDONESIA): 9 of Bandung 19 declared Not Guilty despite unfair trial

Dear Friends  We are pleased to inform you of great success thanks to your efforts in support of the ‘Bandung 19’, wrongfully arrested on June 15 2001, tortured, held incommunicado and subject to unfair trial. You will recall that the young workers, students and activists were protesting the government’s planned increase in oil prices. The […]

KYRGYZSTAN: Detained Opposition MP beaten in prison

Dear friends, The political detention of a Kyrgyz opposition parliamentarian, Mr. Azimbek Beknazarov, 47, has taken a turn for the worse with reports of him being brutally beaten while in prison. Hundreds of Kyrgyz people are continuing their weeks’ long hunger strike over his treatment – at least one has already died in this protest. […]

UPDATE (SRI LANKA): Case of torture of Angelina Roshana, No Action Under Act. No 22 of 1994

Dear Friends,  We have written several updates on Angelina Roshana’s case. We are also aware that many persons have written to the Sri Lankan authorities on this matter, however the Attorney General has not yet taken any action. We urge readers to again write to the authorities on Ms. Roshana’s behalf. The most recent letter […]

UPDATE: Who is Dr. Salai, Burmese political prisoner?

Further to our Urgent Appeal of 28 January 2002 regarding the arrest and detention of Dr. Salai Tun Than in Rangoon, Burma, for holding a peaceful one-man protest, we have received additional details of the Professor’s arrest and his distinguished biography. 

UPDATE: The 18th Open Letter Regarding Fr. Pallath’s Case

Dear Friends,  We would like to send you a copy of the 18th open letter sent by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) to the Jesuit superior general in Rome regarding Fr. Pallath¡¦s case.  Readers are encouraged to write to the Jesuit superior general and call for an inquiry into Fr. Pallath¡¦s case.  For further […]

Sri Lanka: Torture Elimination Day 04 February 2002

A Joint Statement By JanaSansadaya, Sri Lanka and the Asian Human Rights Commission AHRC Sri Lanka will celebrate the 54th anniversary of its independence from the British Raj on 4th February 2002. It is appropriate that it also be celebrated as Torture Elimination Day, to highlight the problems that need to be eliminated if the […]

SRI LANKA: High-level police attack on NHRC

This Urgent Appeal is regarding a high level police attack on the National Human Rights Commission of Sri Lanka on 22 January, 2002. 

SRI LANKA: Angeline Roshana case – AG fails to prosecute one year after police torture

AHRC draws your attention to the casse of Angline Roshana who was arrested and tortured on 3rd December 2000. Despite many interventions, the Attorney General of Sri Lanka has refused to act Under Act No. 22 of 1994, which gives him the power to prosecute offenders for Torture or other forms of Cruel, Inhumane or Degrading Treatment or Punishment.

PHILIPPINES: Fisherman tortured by police in Cebu

Dear Friends We are forwarding you an appeal from the highly respected Task Force Deteinees of the Philippines, regarding the torture of a fisherman in Cebu by the police of that region. Please read the short account of the incident and take the action requested. Urgent Appeals Desk ——————————————————————— URGENT ACTION TITLE : Alfredo Bantecil […]

INDONESIA: Bandung activists were tortured, face unfair trial

AHRC welcomes the recent capture by the Indonesian police of Tommy Suharto – fugitive son of Gen. Suharto, accused of crimes ranging from corruption and graft to bombings and the assassination of a judge. However, we have serious doubts about the ability of the criminal justice system to proceed effectively, as the system is fundamentally flawed. Time and time again the influential elite and members of military and police charged with horrendous human rights crimes are not prosecuted or let off with ridiculously light sentences; while the poorer sections calling for decent wages and conditions, land for peasants or self-determination for indigenous peoples are harshly punished for raising their voices. 

SRI LANKA: Social Worker tortured by police

There has been another instance of severe torture of a ‘suspect’ at the hands of the Sri Lankan police on the 6th of October. The person who suffered the torture was Mr. Namal Fernando, 37, a fulltime social worker and father of three from Pitipana Duwa, Negombo, 32 km from Colombo. It appears to have been a case of mistaken identity – he has now been released from without charge and has been recovering in hospital. We are asking you to write letters on behalf of the torture victim. Details of the incident are as follows:

SOUTH KOREA: Exposing suspicious deaths in South Korea

Dear Friends, We’re forwarding you the following appeal made by Beginning a Solidarity Electronically in the 21st Century (BASE21) in South Korea. After President Kim Dae-jung took office, the South Korean government set up the Presidential Truth Commission on Suspicious Deaths (PTCSD) to bring to light suspicious deaths that took place during the last dictatorial […]

AHRC Media Release: Australia: High Commissioner Appointee responsible for atrocities

AHRC MEDIA Release  28 June 2001  Australia: High Commissioner Appointee responsible for atrocities  Former detainee under General Perera speaks out  Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) is issuing today an eyewitness account [attached] of extreme physical and psychological torture, overcrowding and hundreds of disappearances/extrajudicial killings at an illegal military detention camp (in Wehera, Kurunegala district, 25 […]

AHRC Statement on the UN International Day in Support of Victims of Torture

Statement | Asia | 25-06-2001

(This statement is also available in Chinese and Korean, Please check your attachment)   UNITED NATIONS INTERNATIONAL DAY IN SUPPORT OF VICTIMS OF TORTURE Invest Money to eradicate Torture; Mere talk is just hypocrisy! Perhaps, the only day that really reflects the reality of Asia is this day which remembers the victims of Torture. This […]

SRI LANKA: Cases of torture and extra-judicial killings

The Asian Human Rights Commission brings to your notice the following 3 cases of torture and extra-judicial killings, committed by the police in Sri Lanka. These 3 cases demonstrates blatant violations of right to be protected from torture and other cruel, inhuman or degrading punishment. In the international law, torture is considered one of the gravest crimes. However, torture by the law enforcement officers in Sri Lanka is rampant.

UPDATE: The case of Fr. P.J. Joseph SJ

Dear Friends,  We are sending you a copy of an third open letter sent today by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) to the Jesuit Supeior General in Rome regarding Fr. Pallath’s case.  This letter is also available at:  Thank you.  Urgent Appeal Desk  Asian Human Rights Commission  ———————————————————————–  ( This is the third […]

SRI LANKA: Torture of a Pregnant Woman by police

The Supreme Court of Sri Lanka decided on May 29, 2001, that the fundamental rights of H. B. Sriyawathie have been violated by the Mirihana police. She had been illegally arrested, wrongfully detained and tortured while she was in police custody. She was pregnant at the time of her arrest. The court upheld her application and ordered that 150,000 rupees (about US$2,000) be paid to her as compensation.

SRI LANKA: torture, gang rape, sexual assault in custody

A Sri Lankan judge has recently ordered the arrest of four members of the security forces (three policemen and one naval officer) for the following gang rape/torture case. The two women victims are currently taking refuge at the Bishop’s residence and there are also fears for the safety of the main witness in the case. This is now the time to act to ensure that the investigation is independent and transparent, that all of the perpetrators are arrested quickly and followed through to prosecutions using the full force of the law. Many members of security forces in Sri Lanka are allowed to go free for horrendous crimes such as this because pressure eases once arrests are made. Please apply pressure now by reading the following information and sending letters as suggested below.