Labour rights

SRI LANKA: Lawful Public Protest not protected by Police who guarded attackers instead

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) would like to inform you about an incident on 13 July 2017. The pepper farmers organized a Protest March from Pallebedda to Palmadulla in the Ratnapura District, marching towards Embilipitya-Ratnapura-Colombo Road. They walked peacefully, respecting the Law and protecting the lives and properties of the public. Unexpectedly, […]

PHILIPPINES: Ming John Plastic Ware Workers dismissed from work and evicted from their homes after forming a union

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information from Defend Job Philippines (DJP), a social movement working to promote the human rights of the urban poor in Manila, about the dismissal of the workers of Ming John Plastic Ware. The AHRC has also been informed that the workers were evicted from their […]

SRI LANKA: Human Rights Defender illegally arrested for allegedly participating in Protest against Police

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information regarding Mrs. Kariyawasam Aarachchilage Ramani Kusumalatha (46), a resident of the Kantale Police Division. She was well reputed as a human rights defender in the area. On 13 June, Kusumalatha assisted three torture victims at the Kantale Base Hospital. Then she asked the Police […]

SRI LANKA: Female migrant-worker expresses harassment in Saudi Arabia

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information regarding Mrs. K A Nilanthi Karunarathna. A resident of Baddegama Police Division, she migrated to Saudi Arabia as a domestic helper on 19 January 2015. Within several months at her employer’s house she started to experience severe harassments and complaints. She requested her family members […]

INDIA/BANGLADESH: Stop the Unlawful Detention of Bangladeshi Migrants

In May 2017, a young boy was apprehended by Border Security Force(BSF) officers in Dinajpur, West Bengal. MASUM, our partner organisation in West Bengal conducted a fact-finding mission and discovered that almost 18 months before the incident, his father had come to India, searching for a job, with the help of a middleman. The boy, […]

INDIA/WORLD: Release female Indian Migrant Worker and others of various nationalities trafficked and illegally Confined in Abu Dhabi

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information from the Alternate Law Forum (ALF), Bangalore, concerning the plight of migrant workers in Abu Dhabi, particularly an Indian woman. Thousands of Indian migrant workers in the Middle East region suffer from deprivation of liberty and inhuman working conditions, and often do not have […]

INDIA: Two Sikkimese domestic workers stranded, tortured in Saudi Arabia

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received updated information regarding two Sikkimese women, employed as domestic workers, who are stranded in Saudi Arabia, They have made an emergency call to their family begging to be rescued, alleging that they are being tortured, their passports confiscated and that they are confined to a […]

INDIA: IT industry the new killing farms, techies the new farmers?

Article | India | 24-07-2017

Avinash Pandey Gopikrishna Durgaprasad, a 25-year-old gainfully employed young man, committed suicide a few days ago in Pune, Maharashtra. With Maharashtra seeing thousands of suicides every year, and being the state with the most farmer suicides annually, Gopikrishna’s death would not have been significant news on its own. What was different about this case though, was that […]

INDIA: Curious case of anti-farmer, anti-consumer, self-pricing tomatoes

Article | India | 14-07-2017

Avinash Pandey Looking at the pattern of tomato pricing in India, year after year, could lead one to believe that tomatoes are pricing themselves, evilly conspiring against the farmers producing them and the consumers buying them, helping only the intermediaries in the process. As of now, tomatoes are being sold for more than Rs. 80 […]

INDIA: Immediately stop demolition drive against Dalit and tribal hamlets in Rewa district of Madhya Pradesh

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information from the Samaj Chetna Adhikar Manch, Dabhaura about the demolition drive against Dalit and tribal settlements in Chhipiya, Khairaha, Jirahua, Genduraha and Kota villages in Jawa block of Rewa District, Madhya Pradesh. The AHRC has been informed that the administration has flouted all rules and […]

PAKISTAN: Travesty of justice in the name of jirga

Women in Pakistan continue to be prey to jirgas, a parallel justice system held by the influential and landed aristocracy. Rape victims and their parents are forced by jirgas to make out of court settlements or otherwise the rape survivors will be declared as Kari, liable to be killed by anyone. In the latest such […]

PAKISTAN: International Labour Day – Government must align itself with the ILO conventions

Given the lack of any basic medical care, health teaching, affordable housing, universal education, clean drinking water and a decent way of life including the right to life–the demand for labour rights sound hollow and meaningless. Feigning regard for this class, society is deeply prejudiced against celebrating Labour Day in Pakistan. Hardly any respect is […]

AHRC TV: Caste discrimination continues in Nepal amidst silence and other stories in JUST ASIA, Episode 164

Article | Asia | 24-03-2017

This week Just Asia begins with Nepal. March 21st, celebrated as the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, is simply a day to mark all that is not right in Nepal. Since the day’s inception in 1960, the situation of Dalits has barely improved. There is no implementation of Nepal’s law against caste […]

PAKISTAN: China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC)–Havoc for the Sindhi people

by Lakhumal Lohano There are numerous dimensions to CPEC, economic, geo-political and geo-strategic, environmental, sustainability, human rights, and regional and global security and peace. However, I will focus on its implication for the Sindhi people and why we oppose it. According to information available in the public domain, China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) comprises thousands […]

AHRC TV: Calls for UN envoy to be appointed for Balochistan and other stories in JUST ASIA, Episode 163

This week Just Asia begins with calls by activists for a UN special rapporteur to be appointed to look into deteriorating human rights in Balochistan. Leading the protest outside the UN office in Geneva, Baloch activist Mehran Marri said the past 4-5 months had seen a particular low, with the abduction and disappearance of women […]

INDIA: At least 600 farmers’ suicides as Supreme Court waits for a national policy

Article | India | 03-03-2017

by Avinash Pandey The Supreme Court of India is worried about the continuing havoc of farmer suicides in India. It termed it “a sensitive matter of larger public interest and human rights which covers the entire country” this January. The Court has also wondered why there is no national policy to compensate farmers in cases of crop failure and […]

PHILIPPINES: Statement of the National Fact Finding Mission on the HTI tragedy

A Statement from National Fact Finding Mission forwarded by the Asian Human Rights Commission In light of the apparent information blackout concerning the fire that devoured the House Technology Industries main building (HTI) inside the Cavite Export Processing Zone, various labor institutions and people’s organization initiated a National Fact Finding Mission to probe the extent […]

ASIA: Cannot remove hunger without functioning public institutions

Statement | Asia | 09-12-2016

A Statement by the Asian Human Rights Commission on the occasion of Human Rights Day The year 2016 has proved to be a difficult year in terms of food and livelihood security for the poor and marginalized communities across Asia. There have even been reverses in food security of the people in countries like Sri […]

PHILIPPINES: Stop Surveillance and Harassment of human rights defender and community organizer Glacy Macabale

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information from Defend Job Philippines (DJP), a social movement working to promote the human rights of the urban poor in Manila, about surveillance and harassment of Ms. Glacy Macabale. Ms. Macabale is human rights defender and community organizer, who has been resisting the forcible displacement […]

PAKISTAN: Child slavery in modern world “can no longer be tolerated”-UN experts

A statement of UN experts on the occasion of International Day for the Abolition of Slavery Friday 2 December 2016 GENEVA (30 November 2016) – The abuse and exploitation of children as modern-day slaves cannot continue to be tolerated, two United Nations human rights experts have warned in a statement ahead of the International Day […]