Stop Disappearances in Pakistan

PHILIPPINES: Civilian couple killed by military agents in Negros Oriental

Dear Friends, The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) deeply regrets to inform you of the killing of a couple in Tacpao village, Negros Oriental by military agents. While the perpetrators have denied involvement in the killing, the incident and constant military presence are making the village nervous and fearful. CASE DETAILS: (Based on the documentation […]

PAKISTAN: Shahzad Commission results marred by free ride for ISI

Government has to Take on Military and Intelligence Services and end Impunity  (New York, January 30, 2012) – The Pakistani government should redouble efforts to find the killers of the journalist Saleem Shahzad, following the failure of the judicial inquiry commission to identify those responsible, Human Rights Watch said today. The commission concluded in its […]

PAKISTAN: Sindh University authorities use law enforcement agencies for disappearances of students

Dear friends,  The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that the authorities of Sindh University, Jamshoro, Sindh province are allegedly involved in disappearance of the students. It is alleged that they used police and spies from the state intelligence agencies in an effort to hide malpractices and corruption in the university. The disappeared […]

PAKISTAN: Illegal detention-Eid deepens pain for families of missing persons

Dear friends, We wish to share with you the following article from The Express Tribune, written by Shamsul Islam. Asian Human Rights Commission Hong Kong ————- With International Day of Victims of Enforced Disappearance coinciding with Eidul Fitr this year, 2011 became twice as sorrowful for the families of missing persons in the country. ”This […]

PAKISTAN: Secret, Dirty Killings in Balochistan

Dear friends, We wish to share with you the following article from HUFFPOST UK, written by Peter G Tatchell. Asian Human Rights Commission Hong Kong ————- Peter G Tatchell Pakistan’s secret, dirty killings in the province of Balochistan are escalating, according to the Asian Human Rights Commission. Since the beginning of this year, at least […]

PAKISTAN: Press clubs are under threats of suicide attacks by the Taliban — typically the government takes no action

The correspondents of international media houses have been warned not to attend meetings or gatherings at the premises of the different press clubs in the major cities of the country. A circular from a well known international news agency that wishes to remain anonymous for security reasons, was issued to its correspondents asking them to […]

PAKISTAN: The relatives of disappeared persons show their dissatisfaction before the Supreme Court

“We cannot eat, we cannot sleep — we can only hope and that hope is fast dwindling so we pray that our loved ones will be returned to us.” On April 13, 2011 the three member bench of the Supreme Court of Pakistan in the supervision of Justice Javaid Iqbal heard the cases of the […]

PAKISTAN: A young deaf domestic helper disappears from the home of an army official; police refuse to investigate

Dear friends,  The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has received information that a young deaf girl has been missing since June 2006 and that police have refused to investigate the case; instead they have acted as brokers for the suspected perpetrators. The seventeen-year-old was hired by a well known politico-religious family in Punjab to assist […]

PAKISTAN: Police block investigations into the disappearance of an injured, falsely accused young man in custody

Dear friends,  The Asian Human Rights Commission has received information that a young man, fatally injured, has gone missing in Sargodha while being transferred between hospitals by police. The man and his father were facing false charges for a highway theft after they tried to help the victims; his resulting death would have shed light […]

PAKISTAN: A Norwegian citizen and Baloch activist is missing after his suspected abduction by Pakistan state agents

Dear friends,  The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has learned that a Norwegian citizen and political activist of Iranian nationality has been forcefully abducted from a bus between Balochistan province and the Sindh province capital, Karachi. Eyewitnesses described his abductors as armed, plain-clothed and in a fleet of four-wheel jeeps bearing no registration number, but […]

PAKISTAN: Three political activists are found murdered after daylight abduction

[NOTICE: The AHRC has developed this automatic letter-sending system using the “button” below. We encourage you to send your appeal letters via fax or post to them. Fax numbers and postal addresses of the Pakistan authorities are attached below with this appeal. Thank you.] Dear friends,  The Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC) has been informed […]

PAKISTAN: Former President Musharraf and his associates should be held responsible and brought to book for disappearances and the operation of military torture cells

Munir Mengal, the managing director of a Balochi language television channel, was arrested by the state intelligence agencies on 4 April, 2006, at the Karachi International Airport and held in a military torture cell at Karachi, the capital of Sindh province for almost 16 months. He was severely tortured to confess to being an activist […]

PAKISTAN: A father and a son are missing after arrest

[NOTICE: The AHRC has developed this automatic letter-sending system using the “button” below. However, in this appeal, we could not include e-mail addresses of some of the Pakistan authorities. We encourage you to send your appeal letters via fax or post to them. Fax numbers and postal addresses of the Pakistan authorities are attached below […]

PAKISTAN: Government should release all disappeared persons in custody of police and intelligence services

The forced disappearances of political opponents by the state intelligence services continues in spite of newly elected government’s claims that the issue will be solved when the coalition partners come into power. However, since the formation of the mew government no serious moves have been initiated to address the issue. on the contrary, the state […]

PAKISTAN: FBI is responsible for disappearances, illegal detention and torture

On 24th July the Asian Human Rights Commission issued an Urgent Appeal in the case of the disappearance of a lady doctor. The UA, PAKISTAN/USA: A lady doctor remains missing with her three children five years after her arrest, may be seen at: The American Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), initially admitted that they had […]

PAKISTAN: Disappearances and torture continue despite new government – no control over secret state agencies

Mr. Abdul Wahab Baloch, a peace activist and Baloch nationalist, who was missing since his arrest on May 28, 2008, was released from the custody of the Secret Intelligence Agency of the Pakistan army where he was severely tortured in different locations. Mr. Wahab Baloch was arrested after holding a peaceful demonstration at the Karachi […]

PAKISTAN: Government must form a tribunal to investigate cases of missing persons

It is astonishing that the newly formed government is still not clear about how to deal with the issue of missing persons. Senator Baber Awan, secretary of Pakistan Peoples Party’s Reconciliatory Committee On Balochistan, has announced the formation of two committees on Blochistan, the army ridden province, by the government of Pakistan (Daily Dawn 05.05.2008). […]

PAKISTAN: Government issues false statements about missing persons

The newly elected government of Pakistan has constituted two committees for Balochistan province, one for missing persons and the other for internally-displaced persons. Of all of the country’s provinces, Balochistan suffered was the worst hit by the violence perpetrated by the armed forces including the army and Air Force. Since 2001 hundreds of people have […]

PAKISTAN: Thirty nine persons recorded disappeared during the first quarter of 2008

Thirty nine (39) persons, mostly young people, remain missing after arrest during ; their whereabouts are unknown to their families. The state intelligence agencies are still operative in arbitrarily arresting people, keeping them in custody for several months and torturing them to confess their involvement in crimes against the state. After the general elections of […]

PAKISTAN: Government of President Musharraf must immediately provide list of all disappeared persons

The relatives of disappeared and missing persons in Pakistan will observe the Day of Missing People on March 23, 2008, a national day in commemoration of a Pakistani resolution adopted in 1940 in the united India. On this day the relatives persons will hold protests with the photographs of the missing persons, hold seminars and […]