The AHRC has received information regarding death threat to the family of F. M. A. Razzak, a human rights defender, and his well-wishers from the relatives of an officer the Bangladesh Army regarding an illegitimate claim of ownership of a land, which had already been settled by the concerned authorities.

The army officer, who has been identified as Major Mustafizur Rahman Bokul is currently attached to the Bogra Cantonment of Bangladesh, has created tremendous influence on the local police and the Rapid Action Battalion, a paramilitary force reputed for extrajudicial killings, to eliminate Razzak and his family. The relatives of the army officer have been demanding money from Razzak’s wife and the withdrawal of the complaints made regarding the military officer’s unlawful involvement in public disputes and affairs. Razzak’s family has been in hiding for security of their lives for many days now. Please go to  for more.

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