Lessons learned, best practices, replicability

The AHRC model itself can be regarded as best practice (See ch. 4):

  1. The three-tier model,
  2. The Interconnectedness of prevention, legal redress, rehabilitation and protection,
  3. The Human Rights based approach,
  4. The Poverty approach,

In addition several project components can be considered Best Practices that may be replicable:

  1. The Focus on one strategic issue: Police Torture
  2. The Urgent Appeals, and in general AHRC’s advocacy strategy,
  3. The use of new technologies for Torture Prevention advocacy,
  4. The Torture Prevention strategy within Sri Lanka – including legal redress; the exposure of the deficiencies of the Rule of Law and the criminal justice system in Sri Lanka; the pooling of Human Rights Lawyers and the victim’s support to sustain legal redress; etc,
  5. Victim’s support and protection,
  6. The practice of Defense of Human Rights Defenders.