Invitation for submissions

article 2 is inviting submissions for a coming edition on Rape. Articles should focus on specific case studies of the legislative and practical treatment of rape cases in Asian countries, and between 2000 – 5000 words. The suggested format is:

1. The story of the case: about the circumstances, victim, perpetrators and other necessary details.

2. Legislative aspects: how does the law deal with rape in your country? What is the definition of rape? What is the punishment? Are there any defects in the law?

3. Implementation:

a. Complaint system: is there a complaint system? Is it easily accessible and sensitive to the victim? What are the defects?

b. Investigation: was the investigation satisfactory and sensitive to the victim? What are the legal provisions for investigation? Are they adequate?

c. Hearing: Was it satisfactory? What are the defects?

4. Civil law: beside the criminal law, can civil claims be filed for rape? In this case was a civil claim made? What are the difficulties in filing a civil claim?

5. Payment of damages by the state: does the state pay damages to the victims? Is the principle that the state is liable for failures of protection recognized in your country?

6. Support groups:

a. General: which support groups helped in this case? How did they help?

b. Agitation for Reforms: is there a lobby for reforms relating to rape in particular and violence against women in general? What are the proposals of this lobby? What means are employed by the lobby? Does the public know of the proposed changes?

7. Any other matters of importance: is there any other lesson learned from this case? Particularly, is the fight against rape improving in your country? If so, how and why? If not, why not?

Please direct enquiries and submit completed articles to the editor: