WELCOME: Prominent Korean human rights advocate joins article 2

Article 2 is pleased to announce that Prof Kwak Nohyun has become the newest member of its editorial board. Prof Kwak is an Associate Professor of Law at the Korean National Open University renowned for his work in the field of human rights law, labour law and social issues in Korea.

Prof Kwak is presently a non-standing member of the National Human Rights Commission of Korea and an adjudicating member of the Metro-Seoul Labor Commission, which addresses cases of unfair dismissals and unfair labour practices. He is also involved in the advisory boards of many civic and non-governmental organizations pertaining to labour and human rights issues. He has in the past played leading roles in a number of nationally organized NGO campaigns directed towards ensuring an open and democratic society in Korea.

Prof Kwak has written extensively about labour, human rights, and corporate issues. He is now busy developing his thick lecture notes into labour law textbooks and writing a standard textbook on human rights law, which will be made available by next March. Prof Kwak has attended many international human rights conferences and NGO fora, starting from the UN Conference on Human Rights in Vienna in 1993.

For his work on the Kwangju Massacre, Prof Kwak was awarded the May 18th Citizens Award in 1997. He has also received accolades from his peers, the media, non-government organisations and the public for his work in the human rights field.

It is a great honour for article 2 to have Prof Kwak join its board. Readers can look forward to articles by Prof Kwak in coming editions.