The State of Human Rights in Ten Asian Nations 2011


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The State of Human Rights in Ten Asian Nations – 2011 is the Asian Human Rights Commission’s (AHRC) annual report, comprising information and analysis on the human rights violations and situations it encountered through its work in 2011. The report includes in-depth assessments of the situations in Bangladesh, Burma, India, Indonesia, Nepal, Pakistan, the Philippines, South Korea, Sri Lanka and Thailand. The AHRC works on individual human rights cases in each of these countries and assists victims in their attempts to seek redress through their domestic legal systems, despite the difficulties encountered in each context. Through this work, the organisation gains detailed practical knowledge of the obstacles and systemic lacuna that prevent the effective protection of rights and enable impunity for the perpetrators of violations. Based on this , the organisat ion then makes recommendations concerning needed reforms to the legal frameworks and state institutions in each setting. This work aims to enable the realisation of rights in a region that remains blighted by crippled institutions of the rule of law, which are enabling systemic impunity for the gamut of grave human rights violations, including torture, forced disappearances, extra-judicial killings, attacks on and discrimination against minorities, women and human rights defenders, as well as widespread violations of a range of other political, economic and social rights, including the right to food.

Published in March 2012 by the Asian Human Rights Commission (AHRC), 534 pages, Language: English, ISBN: 978-962-8314-54-6 (print) ISBN: 978-962-8314-55-3 (PDF); PID: AHRC-PUB-004-2011
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