ASIA: Human Rights Council alerted to grave violations in Nepal and Indonesia’s Papuan regions

An Oral Statement to the 20th Session of the UN Human Rights Council by the Asian Legal Resource Centre (ALRC), a non-governmental organization in general consultative status

ASIA: Human Rights Council alerted to grave violations in Nepal and Indonesia’s Papuan regions

Thank you Madam President,

In Nepal, the dissolution of the Constituent Assembly without having produced a new constitution and growing political instability, threaten security gains and human rights, as noted by the High Commissioner this session.

Serious human rights violations, notably caste-based and gender-motivated violence, continue to be documented and are insufficiently addressed. In the first half of 2012, according to Advocacy Forum 25.6 per cent of interviewed men and 15.6 per cent of women detainees reported being tortured. Given the lack of reforms, notably to the police, these violations have typically resulted in impunity, which the current situation will only prolong and reinforce.

No notable progress has been made to investigate and hold accountable those responsible for torture, rape, extrajudicial killings and enforced disappearances during the conflict. In the absence of a parliament to establish transitional justice institutions, we urge the government to commit to effectively investigate and prosecute cases that have been registered with the police so far.

Heightened tensions and social and political fragmentation in the country, risks to human rights defenders and journalists, and increased repression of demonstrations accompanied by restrictions to the freedom of expression, are all of grave concern, notably given the closure of the OHCHR’s country office in late 2011.

The ALRC is also gravely concerned by escalating violence in Indonesia’s Papuan provinces, notably several recent fatal shootings, including peaceful demonstrator Tarjoli Weah on May 2nd, a German tourist on 29 May, and shootings and physical attacks against civilians in Wamena on June 6, in which one person was killed, 13 others were injured and 87 houses were burned. Papuan activists are being targeted by the security forces, with the Secretary General of the West Papua National Committee, Mako Tabuni, having been killed after being shot six times on June 14, while other committee members have been arrested. To date, no action has been taken to investigate and arrest anyone responsible for these acts.

Thank you