16th Session – 2011 March

  1. BANGLADESH: Government urged to ratify forced disappearances convention and address impunity
  2. THAILAND: Extraordinary legal measures and persistent state failure to secure justice, end impunity, and improve human rights
  3. SOUTH ASIA: Poor governance and corruption in Bangladesh, India and Nepal leading to child malnutrition and widespread hunger
  4. NEPAL: Serious threats to human rights defenders hampering democratisation and peace-building
  5. MYANMAR: UPR as an exercise in the making of fiction: An analysis of the presentation by Myanmar
  6. INDONESIA: Widespread impunity in Papua aggravating tensions
  7. SOUTH ASIA: Culture of impunity, a threat to human rights work in South Asia
  8. PAKISTAN: Council urged to tackle endemic torture and impunity, or become irrelevant
  9. NEPAL: Security and protection of Women Human Rights Defenders in Nepal
  10. BANGLADESH: Government continues to dither instead of criminalizing torture
  11. SRI LANKA: Government failing to cooperate with the Human Rights Council and eradicate torture
  12. MYANMAR: The problem of a U.N. member state disconnected from a normative framework: Myanmar and the Human Rights Council review
  13. SAUDI ARABIA: Denial of fair trial
  14. SOUTH ASIA: Institutional overhaul required to prevent torture in the South Asian sub-region
  15. SPAIN: Judges and the Rule of Law: the prosecution of Judge Garzon
  16. ASIA: Torture must be eradicated as part of Pakistan’s “new dawn”
  17. ASIA: Large numbers of disappearances not addressed despite efforts of UN Working Group
  18. SOUTH ASIA: Legislation used to punish, not protect human rights defenders in South Asia
  19. MYANMAR: Council urged to take strong, relevant action to address grave rights abuses
  20. ASIA: Religious violence in Asia and impunity for Somchai’s disappearance in Thailand denounced
  21. MYANMAR: Addressing torture, corruption and justice delivery must be a priority for the UN